Thursday’s Troubles

The fire and wind have played havoc with the Pew residence.  The pool is full of dirt and leaves and ash is all over everything. The ash blew into the garage and covered my many cars and parts. I will have to spend all day cleaning them. Such is life in SO-CAL.

UCLA and USC football were the topics of discussion with a little surprise visit from a back East Hot Rodder who came to visit his daughter.  He has built a 1954 Vette hot rod from scratch.  It turned out nice and should provide a lot fun on the road.  The subject turned to Mustang ll front suspensions and the theory of trailing arms, versus no lower struts. The trend is to put the tubular A-arms for appearance sake and eliminate the rear strut or “brake bar” as Ford called it.  All said and done, no decision was reached on what is the best method to mount one of these monsters.  I spoke of the I beam axle, but there wasn’t much interest.  I am old school, you know.

The fires have calmed down in our area and we pray for the critical fires to be under control soon. A very bad fire season in California.

Here are some car photos to take you mind off the fires.

Stay Tooned!


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Nice beige 40 coupe, SBC, Auto, 5 spokes, axle car


Robin Williams, the artist, 34 tudor. This car has been done a long time. Pete Eastwood Chassis


Pete Eastwood’s T Truck with Chevrolet motor. He is a very talented builder. The truck serves as a platform for his Horseless Carriage run each year.


Me having fun at Disneyland. Halloween time is the best time to go in the fall.


Disney Garage with belly tank. Super neat place.


Very nice maroon 40 coupe with axle, hot flathead. I like this style.


Nice flathead motor. Sounded great!

Sneak Peek


1924 Buick Hiboy. The real deal. I have never seen one of these before. Jay Leno must want this one.

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