Thursday’s Trip

The trip to the NHRA Museum was a good one. Bob-O called about noon and wanted to drive his Merc so off we went to Pomona. The temperatures were climbing but the Merc stayed a cool 175 degrees all the way to the show. We arrived early and was surprised how many cars were in attendance by 2:00 pm. We got lucky and landed a primo parking spot in the shade. The event draws lots of cars. People even haul their rides in trailers and unload them in the hotel parking lot. The “Times they are a changing”.

Due to the hot weather we spent a lot of time in the Museum looking at the displays. I had not been inside for over a year and most areas were brand new. We really liked the Fender Guitar and car display. Jeff Beck had his hiboy and Michael Anthony had his Boyd 33 in the display area. The Mickey Thomson cars, and Banks Engine displays were also really worth viewing. I would guess you could not read all the display cases with the racing memorabilia in one visit. Tony has done a great job as manager of the Museum.

We topped off the evening with a nice dinner at the Sheraton. We hopped in the Merc and headed home in the dark and heavy traffic. All in all it was a great day and I will sure make next month’s cruise which is the last one until April of 2011.

Stay Tooned!


The NHRA Museum is really a neat place to have a cruise. They Museum is open to the public and is free on this night each month. Drag cars are present everywhere in the parking area. Each month has a different car featured.

This was my ride to the Museum. Bob-O has a stable full of nice hot rods that are all very road worthy. A blown Chevy provides the power when required.

The Fender and Car display was my favorite area in the museum. Jeff’s roadster was looking good and the display was outstanding.

A rare deuce Cabriolet was in attendance and I always am attracted to these wannabe roadsters.

A little farther down the line was a slightly chopped deuce sedan in basic black. This was a very nice looking car with fenders.

You old guys will remember the Jackman Brothers coupe from Escondido. This car had more chrome components than most and looks fully restored.

I used to stand up in the bleachers to see this run down the strip. My youth was spent admiring drag cars and hot rods. I have not changed to this day. A true sickness that is not hard to live with.

This Safari rig was parked in front of the Museum and drew lots of spectators. I am sure this is a repo as I think the original one was wrecked. GM sponsored NHRA vehicles for many years. I was responsible for the vehicles at my dealership and enjoyed every minute of the time I spent at the track. We had a private box in the later years.

A cute little hiboy is always parked in this spot. Bob-O and I talked to him about his top irons last year. The owner cut the irons and bows from a stock set.

I like simple good looking 40 sedans and this one caught my eye. How could you go wrong with one of these nice riding cars?

Gary’s old 33 roadster was really looking quite nice in Washington Blue with a new Gates top. I think it is on the third owner since the LARS sale. You need to drive this one to see how nice an axle car can ride and handle. Right Bob and Bill!

Today’s Flathead….dreaming!

The engine in this 39 sedan was detailed to the max and looked like someone had just finished detailing the firewall and inner fender panels. In my youth this was the look for a hot 40…and still works well today.

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