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I am not sure what is the next great trend in the hot rod industry but I suspect it will be coming soon. I have been through the pure hot rod, restored, smoothie (Boyd) style, retro rod, reproduction bodies and chassis, high dollar, low dollar and the current rage of Henry bodies are the only real hot rods. I have never been much of a follower but I have admired all of the above styles over my long career building hot rods. I know one thing for sure the later model cars are growing in numbers and my Deuces and Forties are becoming more scarce at the events I attend, unless they are specific year events like Deuce day and Forty Ford Day. I suspect someone like Roy or Posie will start some new trend to meet the market demand but I really don’t have a clue what that would be.

Here in California we have been threatened with registration problems on modified cars but nothing really has ├é┬áchanged if you do your homework and pay the price. It is just a matter of time before the EPA seeks new legislation that would limit building any new hot rods that did not meet the standards or worst, eliminate cars that are too old to be on the road. I don’t think any of us have to worry, but those who want to keep the flame going need to devise a plan for a new generation of hot rods that our government will be in favor of.

Think about it!

Stay Tooned!


I had this 46 delivery at the LARS in 2004. The Hot Rod Garage in OK owns it now and it is painted green. I called her Sunshine prior to starting the restoration.

I would like to think that this trend will never grow old.

I haven’t heard much from Lou lately. I hope it has quit snowing in ID. This is his latest delivery.

There is something about a black 40 coupe with red wheels that attracts a lot of forty Ford owners.

A very well executed 5 window is waiting to be parked in my garage next to Andre and Ruby. I have seen several done in this style and hope the trend continues.

I used to think a 34 hiboy sedan would look good and pursued this one for a long time.

The builder even sent me some photos of how he chopped the sedan. He certainly does good work. I don’t think I would chop a 34 but that is just me.

This one looks good chopped and has been popular since I fell in love with hot rods in the 50’s.

I want to try this method of flattening a rear crossmember and using a 40 rear end in my deuce sedan.

Somewhere someone is working on my wife’s 40 convertible. She likes whitewalls but that is an easy fix.

Today’s Favorite!

Ray has built some great Deuces in the past and this 5 window was one of them. Ohio builders know hot rods.

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