Thursday’s Travels

Bobo and I decided to go and visit the Kennedy Brothers “Bomb Factory” and Lynn Williams car collection in Pomona. Both of these shops are very receptive to visitors and can walk the talk. We arrived around 11:00 am and visited the Kennedy boys. They were working on a nice 1935 Woody. The had several projects going and Bobo learned about fitting a model A to a Deuce chassis. Jay explained the process and it made the job sound much easier. After spending a hour or so looking at 32’s,33’s and 40’s we headed to Lynn’s for lunch and a tour of the warehouse. He has the cars I like to look at and you won’t find any IFS in the place. Bobo won’t sleep tonight after looking at a perfect black 40 standard tudor with a French flathead built to the max. I too thought it was the best one I have seen recently and I have looked at over 10 in the last two weeks. Lynn took our pictures for his wall of fame and shame so we are now famous. Since it was getting late and the LA traffic was picking up we headed home with our heads dreaming of the nice cars we saw.

The people who love old cars are super. Most enjoy showing them to you and put up with our crazy questions. Thanks again, Lynn and the Kennedy boys. The bad news is I was so excited I did not take any pictures for you. I know Bobo and I will be back real soon so I promise to take some photos. Both shops are very clean and organized.

Here are some photos for you.

Stay Tooned!



Flames on perfect on 40 coupes. This black with red steelies is a favorite among rodders.


Don built this beauty in the 90’s for Poteet and it is a classic that never goes out of style.


Terry’s very detailed 55 Chevy, yes a Chevy 2 door post is another favorite of mine. This one is perfect and fast.


LA Sedan by Young and Otis. The car really has the Hot Rod look and was recently on the cover of R&C.


My friend Tom has a beautiful 40 coupe with a broadcloth interior and a wool headliner. I have sat in this car and it is the best.


Yes, I keep showing the EM interior in Bruce’s sedan because I like it alot. This seat is also very very comfortable. It is just a matter of preference which style you choose for your ride.


Lou sent along a picture of his college ride, circa 1966. This beauty was powered by a 1956 Cadillac engine. He has had the deliveries. Thanks, Lou.



Yes, this is the view that I enjoy the most. If you see one of these on the highway you will follow it for miles and dream. Be careful as these roadster owners do stop sometimes.

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