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Flatheads have always been good to me but I much prefer the SBC for reliability and serviceability.  If you break down you can easily find parts for the SBC but you will need to carry spare parts in the trunk for your flathead motor.  I have limped many of them home from 50 miles or so but nothing major ever happened to the motor that seemed difficult to repair if you had the parts.  The SBC could be repaired at any parts store you could locate.  I have carried an extra coil and distributor from time to time as I didn’t trust the Mallory Unilite Module when they first came out.  If you like the old distributor look simply add a Pertronix module and your worries are over.

I am still looking at interiors this week and have selected a few more I like.  Comfort is the key with styling being a personal choice for most builders.  A good upholstery shop can offer you a portfolio of their work or you can purchase some real good interior books at the bookstore.  Ron Mangus has a great book out showcasing some of his designs.  I find taking a photo of what I like and showing it to the upholstery really helps them with your design preference.  Save your money as $15K upholstery jobs are real common with the big shops.  The top is extra.

I am headed to lunch so….

Stay Tooned!


Everything that could go wrong is right there in front of you so a repair is not difficult to do on the road.

Note this very nice standard interior with everything painted Briarwood Brown (stock 40 interior color) and a later model heater installed that works perfectly.  If you look closely at the driver’s side kick panel you can see the Secret Audio radio head.  The interior is a Labaron Bonney kit and looks fantastic in this “Girlie” car.

This is a nice installation of a SBC using the OEM look as opposed to chrome and bling.  Orv does it right all the time.

Here is another nice interior in a 40 convertible.  He maintained the early look with a modern touch in the arm rest and steering wheel.

I am still looking for the flat rear bumper for Andre and will probably end up making one to fit.  I know where there is a 41 pickup with this bumper attached.  I am not sure they are the same but the Green Book said they came both ways.

Here is another 40 pickup with a larger pleated interior than yesterday’s.  This looks very nice also.  I need to shorten my legs to fit in these cabs.

Andy and Steve asked about the use of the Cadillac air cleaner so here is a photo of lots of bling in a 40 pickup with a SBC.  The Olds valve covers are popular with hot rodders today.  In my day we put Olds engines in our 40’s.  Parts would be impossible to find on the road if you broke down with an Olds engine today.

I like this photo because it shows a very nice sedan delivery in a sea of 40’s.  The Forty Day at LaPalma is a show you don’t want to miss if you like 40 Fords.

Today’s Deuce…..dreaming!

Dan of Poor Boys Hot Rods has one of the finest B400’s I have seen in a long time.  Old Chester Gary with black fenders, General Jumbo wheels and a Pines Winter front make it a high point car.

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