Thursday’s Travels

The morning air was brisk and I could see my breath on my morning walk.  The weatherman said we would have a break today but I don’t remember him stating it would be cold.  I am not used to cold weather and quickly finished my walk and headed over to Frantic Freds to see what he was working on.  When I arrived, Dave and Fred were under a dash doing some fine tuning on some electrical work they had performed.  They are both experts in the wiring field including installation and diagnostic work.  I didn’t bother them as it wasn’t coffee time when I arrived.  I noticed a bright yellow hi-tech hiboy was in for some work so I wondered over to the car and shot some photos.  The car is a Rod Bod on a Heidts chassis utilizing independent front and rear suspensions.  The engine caught my I as it was a 302 Ford with lots of bling.  The whole car was very well built and should make a nice driver when completed.

Coffee time arrived and we were soon discussing the LARS and the new layout this year.  Building 4 at the Fairplex will be utilized for the vendors and should provide a nice venue for the indoor vendors.  The Fairplex is being remodeled and a large convention center building is being built where we used to park.  Change is necessary and I think everyone will like the building 4 for vendors.  I always enjoy looking at all of the new parts available from the many vendors.  The economy is improving and I hope all people are in the spending mood this year.  I can hardly wait until the show begins.

I am still working on Andre today and should finish the tow handle now that I have the material.  Some projects take longer than others.  I also started the steering column modification on Andre which is an easy task.

Stay Tooned!


Frantic has this newly constructed hiboy in for some work.  The car is a hi-tech version of a Deuce hiboy with lots of clever brackets and engineering.  Components are painted gray rather than chromed.

A Ford Racing 302 motor was a nice addition to the car.  The front mounted distributor makes tuning easier than on the SBC.  Note clever fan housing.

The IFS was tied nicely into the Deuce rails.  The large headlights blocked the front suspension but you can see the suspension good from the rear.

A custom gas tank and battery box with cut-off switch was installed prior to adding the seat.  The entire inside of the body was covered with Dynamat.  No need to worry about patch panels when using this material as it hides all previous modifications.

The custom steering column is by Tri-C Engineering and is a work of art.  A full array of gauges keeps the driver informed of what is going on with that Ford motor.

Peeking out of the rear was this fabricated bar which simulated a push bar.  Maybe the owner is going racing.  We could not identify the tail lights but they are very different as it the whole car.  Building a different Deuce  hiboy is hard to do today.

Since I have been discussing tops someone sent me this 40 top which is perfectly executed.  Note the smooth transition over the bows and nice forward rake of the top.

Andy is searching for door panel designs for his car so I thought I would show you some I liked.  This is a very traditional design that can be used on a coupe or sedan.

Gabe has a classic design he has been using for years.  The interior looks really good in any style of 40 Ford.  Most of these cars I have set in are very firm to the rear and back side of my fat body.  I like a little cushion which I am sure could be incorporated in the foam selection.

I cut the stock mast jacket to a 36 inch length and made a Delrin bushing for the bearing surface.  I need a lath to finish but these bushings work nicely in the old tube.  The shift linkage will be next.

The column is placed over the lock mechanism hole and locked in place.  The housing will be painted dash color whenever I decide what color I want.  Gary thinks Briarwood Brown is the correct color for these deliveries, but mine is lighter column and has never been painted.

Today’s 34 Coupe….dreaming!

Dave shot this nice photo of a well chopped 34 3 window that SO-CAL built for JJ.  I parked next to this car at P-Town and I went out often to dream a little.  What more could you want?  Maybe steel wheels like PJ’s in Ohio.

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