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Sometimes when you hear of a car for sale you need to go look rather than just having a telephone conversation with the seller.  Here is an example:  A certain advertisement on a popular site indicated they were selling a 1939 Ford convertible and nothing else.  After watching the ad for several weeks, a friend of mine went to look at the car and found a whole collection of Fords.  I have had this happen many times over my career of chasing cars.  You also always need to ask if they have any parts for sale.  This same friend of mine went to look at a very nice Deuce tudor and found a whole attic full of Deuce parts that were for sale for a reasonable price.  I think I enjoy the hunt and find almost as much as building one.  Many people are downsizing their collections and are open to offers.  I will caution you they all don’t turn out this good.

The wife and I headed to Orange County to pick up some parts and see some of our old neighbors.  Orange County is full of Hot Rod shops and I stopped by and visited a few of them.  My old haunts are long gone and a host of new shops have been opened up in the past 10 years.  The economy has taken its toll on several places and some are having a difficult time keeping afloat.  I hope things improve soon as I would hate to see these shops disappear.  I am amazed at the young talent that have made building hot rods their career.  I know you must include later model cars than I feature but I still feel it is a viable business for a young person with a mentor or business minded partner.  Most artist need someone to do the bookwork and talk to the customers.  The traffic was not too bad and we made it home in good time.  The wife bought lunch so I am real happy today.

Tomorrow, I am going to Frantics and see what he is working on and check on Lu.

Stay Tooned!


This is the 39 that was for sale and one of many in a collection.  It is hard to beat a 39 convert for good looks and reliability.

You always need to take the car for a drive to get a feel for what is wrong, clutch, transmission, brakes, and all the items old Fords are famous for.

Tucked away in another garage was this 36 roadster waiting for a good dusting and someone to drive her.  These are beautiful cars with a dropped axle and the top down a little bit.  I wouldn’t hurt one like this.

I think every collector has a Deuce somewhere in his storage stalls.  This is an old Cam Grant roadster built a few years ago.  I could get a job cleaning this beauty.

Bill asked what is the correct handle for the rear of a sedan delivery.  Here is what I know from the deliveries I have owned.  This is the rear door handle from a 1940 I owned which was unmolested.  Note ribs and mounting plate.

This is the smooth version off of my 41 delivery which was also unmolested.  Which is correct? I have looked at a lot of deliveries and have seen both kinds on each year.  Can anyone provide the V8 Judges opinion?

The four door sedan has become popular.  Looking at this one I am not sure about the strength of the B pillar.  I think the seat fastens to the pillars but it sure looks flimsy to me.  Maybe you should place steel tubing in the pillar instead of the wood and do a little welding.

I do work on my welder myself and I am learning a lot.  You must keep the water and tank very clean if you don’t want to heat up the power cable to the torch.  I made the new motor plate as you cannot purchase these from Miller.

I also finished the rear jig supports for Andre.  They have been final welded and bolted to the frame.  I have not tried to roll him outside as he doesn’t like the wind.

Today’s convertible sedan….John’s dream is coming true.

John is coming along on his tub.  He has the mock up completed except for the foam on the top.  I don’t know if Scott is going to louver the hood for him but I would have it do it in a minute.

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