Thursday’s Travels

As the GNRS is underway today, Bob O and I headed over the Old Crow Speed Shop to see what was going on.  We decided to have lunch at Bob’s Big Boy prior to going to Burbank and a quick stop at Frantic’s.  Fred was gone and Dave was busy so we left and headed for the shop.  When we arrived the HHR crew were loading up the Raybestos roadster pickup and Troy was driving his gold 32 hemi powered hiboy.  I didn’t have my camera ready so I missed a good photo.  Lucky was talking to everyone and we gave ourselves  a guided tour.  His shop is a trip back in time and the collection of cars and parts are almost as big as Don Thelan’s old collection.  After a couple of hours,  we headed back to the Valley with Fats Domino on the radio and our high school sweetheart in our minds.  Some days are just plain fun.

Tomorrow the show opens and the crowds will be large and lines will be long.  I don’t mind the wait because at my age I am no longer in a hurry to do anything except eat.  You can see some of the contenders on the HAMB under the JAust post.  The cars in contention indicate the show is changing in build style or the big money guys are back in the stock market again.  I hope the traditional cars win out this year.  I understand there are 13 spots not 10 available for the GNRS.

Stay Tooned!


The wife likes her coral driveway to stay clean so she made this diaper for Ruby or any visiting leakers.  We purchased a 4 x 8 mat at Home Depot, added some pull ropes and presto an instant diaper that really works.  She is a genius..

The Old Crow Speed Shop in Burbank is like it used to be in the 40’s and 50’s.  What a wonderful bunch of folks who can walk the talk and they are all youngsters.

The shop was really clean for the open house.  Can you imagine walking into this place in the 50’s?  I would spend every weekend there as a kid.

Plenty of model A roadsters and coupes in the shop for serious work.  The walls can keep you busy until you get a stiff neck from looking at the treasures.

O.K., I am a sucker for chopped 5 window coupes.  This coupe has been in the process for several years and is taking shape.  Chop is perfect 2 1/2 inches.

I had to drag Bob O away from this A coupe.  He wanted to chop it a couple of more inches.  His is hammered 5 inches.  The is a very nice coupe.

Sheet metal work was superb  and the dash appeared to be a Deuce for a model A.

Trunk mounted tank and stock model A rear crossmemer cover looked good.  Nice clean build.

Bone stock Deuce with hot flat motor was in for some work.  Note front spreader bar on the table.

The driver is very patient as he waits for the Offy to be installed.  He is currently sleeping.

The retail store now has a lounge for you to sit down and count out the money for these rare parts.  I think there is oxygen also available.

Today’s Garage Scene….Pewsplace!

Installing the hot 327 SBC in Ruby …2004.  Note pattern for air cleaner.  Most will hit the radiator hose.

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