Thursday’s Travels

I was not feeling the greatest and could have just crawled back in bed but the wife said take some meds and go to the Museum. I called Bob O and told him I would like to tag along if they had room. Dick said I could ride with him so off we went to Pomona. Dick has a really nice 40 Ford convert that rides like a late model sedan so everything was perfect for my sickly body. We stayed in the car pool lane and made good time. Once at the Museum, we found a great parking place in a very crowded parking lot. The last event draws a lot of people and spectators and we were not disappointed. The evening turned cold and we were hungry so we had dinner at the Sheraton (a tradition for this event). After a great meal we hopped on the freeway and headed home. I know Santa was happy because of all the toys that were donated for the kids. The next event will be in April of 2011.

December bring lots of good one day car shows for all car enthusiasts and I hope to attend as many as possible…

Stay Tooned!


I have a thing for tubs and this 29 hiboy really was cute. It was for sale for a reasonable amount and I am sure will find a new home soon.

This was my ride for the day. Dick has lots of cars but this one is my favorite and rides like a dream with the Heidts, parallel leaves and rear air shocks. You would not find a more comfortable ride. The Carson style top keeps the wind noise down and you can actually talk to one another. I am thinking hard about one of these funny front suspensions for Andre so don’t tell anyone.

I walked around this one for quite a while and could find nothing wrong with this stocker. I don’t know the owner but the car is an A plus in my book. Now for the dropped axle, hot flatty and longer shackles on the rear spring…you get the picture.

Chopped Mercury’s are showing up in masses lately. There were several in attendance but these two caught my eye. It takes a lot of metal work to end up with this look.

Full blown race cars are everywhere in Pomona. I saw this one come driving in and walked over to talk to the builder. You really can learn a lot about the car when you talk to the owner. The overall car was stunning to say the least and I would love to see it run down the strip.

Work in process cars always attract me to take a closer look. The flat motor sounded really healthy and the body appeared to be a new Brookville. New rails with stock Deuce K-members are in demand today.

This same car had unique 40 backing plates that were louvered and added the early look to the overall car’s theme.

Faith had her display for the “Deuce of Spades” movie along with Tom Fritz posters. She has done a wonderful job of producing her first movie. I wish her all the best in the future.

Inside the front door of the Museum is this replica of the famous bronze statue one. I looked at this recent car for a long time and it has all the bells and whistles of the early roadsters. It was also in the GNRS last year.

I am not a model A fan but this sedan was very nice and I bet lots of fun to drive. It even looks good not chopped.

Today’s sedan delivery…dreaming!

Brain pulled out his new delivery to snap a few photos. He has to deal with 3 feet of snow in his driveway to do the photo shoot. Tahoe is famous for its snow this time of year (most years) and this year was no exception. The delivery will come in handy now that is has a heater.

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