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I grew up in the southern Illinois area and was well into cars by my early teens. I did not become a Deuce fan until later in life as they were only a couple in my little town. My father worked for Caterpillar so we visited the Peoria area quite often. In fact his brother, Melvin, lived in nearby Morton. It seems there is a Deuce lover named Steve who lives in Morton and builds some of the nicest Deuces around. I hear from him once in a while and knew he was putting together a Deuce sedan delivery. I was very happy to receive some photos of the finished product.

The car is a replica of a flower car that Ford built in 1932. Starting with a clean body and a rear door kit from Doug Mcrae he built a very authentic looking sedan delivery with a little bit of the Hot Rod touch. Bob Everts also built a nice one that has Chevy power. Steve’s current powerplant is a four banger but he plans a 59AB out of his wife’s Woody later on. Thanks for the pictures and enjoy this weekend in Auburn. I am sure your car will be well accepted by the purist.

My friend Walt also advised me that Wavecrest in coming up the day before the Outriders picnic. I had forgot about the show as it is too much driving for me to go to both shows. Wavecrest is for Woody lovers and the biggest and best of all the few Woody shows in California. My wife and I attended most of them but when I sold my Woody I lost interest in going to the show. Woody people are great and the events are the best. Maybe I will feel like driving down and spending the night and stopping by the Outriders the next day. Good idea Walt.

I am off today to get some parts for the delivery. I am checking into the rear floor wood. I think it was made of ash but I am not sure. I could refinish the original wood but portions are really cracked. I want the Marty Moore look in the rear. More later…

Stay Tooned!



Here is Steve’s new Deuce Delivery flower car. Washington blue with black fenders. It appears to have a dropped axle. Looks great.


Rear view showing door and bumper treatment. You can have the bumper bent my Mike in Portland.


The floor wood is flawless. I love this look and all you need is a square weave carpet blanket to cover for hauling stuff.


Close up of rear bumper. Some like these some don’t. I think they add to the SD overall uniqueness.


The rear window molding is made of wood by Doug. Looks very nice with the wood floor.


The stock seats look correct for the overall theme. Hard items to locate in good condition.


The dash is stone stock and adds to the theme of the car. I like it.


Doug’s original delivery. He also has an original flower car. This was shot at Dearborn by my friend John in Canada.


George has his well underway but has built a hot rod chassis for the Hot Rod look. Flathead, QC, 56 Ford steering, etc.

Today’s ride…dreaming


I need some hauling space today so the trailer and the 39 will be perfect. Thanks John.

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