Thursday’s Travels

I have been putting in some long hours so I decided to take the day off and head over to the valley to see Frantic. I also needed some metal supplies from IMS  which is right next door. Since gas is approaching $5 a gallon I try to combine my trips in order to conserve fuel. Fred was busy working on a 51 Chevy with a Cadillac LS9 engine that was having trouble with the electronics for the computer. He and Dave are great at wiring and have done several LS installations over the past few years. You may remember he hosted a seminar on the GM Eco-Rod engine a few years ago. I don’t think I am ready for one of these engines but they sure are popular among the younger folks. Fred said it is best to purchase an aftermarket wiring harness and stand alone computer system rather than use the GM one. He has done both but the wiring is a nightmare to convert on the GM one. I am sticking with the Edlebrock 1406 and trying hard to stay there in my cars. I can’t imagine having a breakdown going over the grapevine and calling the computer expert at home to fix the car. I think they should have an App for the fix you can install on your iPhone.

IMS is a great place to shop if you like to work with metal. They can provide any type of metal you require and can make anything you need to make for your hot rod. The Laser division can build anything you can think of and will make one or 1000 pieces. I need to think of something I could build and sell worldwide to hot rodders. I purchased my metal and headed back home to work on the chassis again today.

Have a good St.Patricks Day, drink some green beer and order the Corned Beef and Cabbage it’s delicious.

Stay Tooned!


Dave looked this convert over and for the asking price it was a good deal. You seem to be able to purchase these cars for under $40K these days. This one was $34k and ready to go.

Here is the high end of the scale for a 40 convert. This is a beautiful car and priced accordingly. You need that “special”  buyer who just has to have the car and price is no object. They are scarce today.

Some folks like them chopped like this blue beauty. Looks like about 2 1/2 – 3 inches. American’s in the natural state would look good on this one. Steel wheels and WW’s would look even better.

Here is why the wife loves a 40 convert. Look at all the room plus it has a back seat and large trunk for all of her “stuff” she takes with her. She has been looking at these cars for the past few months and keeps asking do you know of any for sale? I tell her we can’t afford one.

I used to work with a guy at GM who had a car just like the one above. This may be his as I know he still owns the car. He was into the 50’s look. Chopped tops on converts need to be done with care to avoid the flattop look.

Dave’s favorite is this beauty from CO. His will look like this when it gets out of upholstery jail. This car is super straight and low.

Something about a maroon 4o covert that really sticks with me. My buddy Tom had one he drove to the 40 is 50 in 1990 and won best convert at Forty Ford Day.

A convert also looks great in a Maize yellow color similar to my neighbor’s 48 convert. I prefer the convert with the top down on a 40.

If you know of any like this one let me know as this is the style that fits me the best. Max are you listing to me?

Today’s Favorite!

I have admired this one for many years. The car is your basic 40 with a 327 hooked to a stock driveline and a dropped axle. I think a 40 convert should stay like this and you need to just enjoy the design Henry built into the next best thing to a Deuce or Model 40 roadster. If you have a collection (more than one) you need a 40 convert in your garage. Right Steve?


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