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We were blessed with an early Christmas present this week.  Our new grandson arrived, after some prodding, and we are very grateful for a healthy baby boy.  The trip was a quick two day visit to the beautiful San Francisco area.  The gift of life is all anyone could ask for.  Since this is my first grandchild I am very happy these days.  I can’t wait to purchase him his first hot rod.  I should have one done by then.

The balance of the year will be spent preparing for Christmas and working on Andre when time permits.  The cold weather in LA is unusual  and keeps me out of the garage and into the Malls to do some shopping.  The wife loves that portion of the holidays.  I am still hoping for a rolling project by Christmas Day.  I hope to pickup the remaining parts this morning to complete the rear end installation.

Stay Tooned!


My friend Dave went garage crawling the other day and found the old Super Bell truck that Jim and Dave owned during their time with Super Bell.  Dave installed a quick change because he loved quick changes.

Gary sent in a photo of his wonderful Deuce sedan.  You have to love the stance of the stock height sedan.

Dave also found this back east Deuce sedan that is being put back on the street.  Eastern cars have their own personality.  The car was built in the 50-60’s in MA.

Here is a classic look from my era.  I think I have seen this set up several times before and always bend down to take a look.  I am sure happy that people are still building them the way I remember them.  I hope this trend continues. See the HAMB for a complete story on this resurrection of a battered 5 window.

I have never seen so many 5 windows as I have received lately.  I like them both ways (fenders/hiboy) and even stock height roofs look good.

Gary also built a roadster to cruise the streets of Kansas.  The Duvall windshield is one of my favorites.


Lucy is now in the paint shop and should be back home before Christmas.   Terry is wasting no time getting the car back on the road.  The body work looks good.  The photo is through the paint booth glass.

Terry always has the cool cars.  His latest daily driver is a super 55 wagon with Americans.  Nice ride.  I would love a 2 door “handyman” 55 wagon for my daily driver.

I love trucks and George sent in photos of one of his recent builds.  Nice stance and color choices on this beauty.

 Today’s roadster…dreaming!

On the grass at Pebble Beach is the Morrison roadster that has been fully restored and is one of my favorite Deuces. In a sea of Deuce roadsters this one stands out among the best for the period.  Note high headlight mounting to meet the laws of the time.

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  1. Hi Lynn!
    Congratulations, Those little guys grow really fast. Time to plan for his hot rod. I have three grandsons and one is a grearhead. I started with him at 5 and we built my beige forty that was previously an old drag race car. Kevin is now 17 and we recently flew back to the Chicago area and bought another car.
    The years fly by so enjoy every moment with as I call them our replacements. have a wonderful holiday season.
    Jim Daleo (-:

  2. Hi Lynn, you can now shop for hot rods at Toys R us. Congrats to your family on the latest arrival. Also your friend Terry’s 55 wagon, does he have anymore like it? I am looking for one with that patina. Have trailer will travel.

  3. Hey Grandpa,, NOW watch how time flies,, Just watch that Grandson, you will be shocked how fast they grow,, seems like its twice as fast as yer kids.

    Congrats, to you and Gramma.. and mom and Dad… They are here to replace us ya know, First words :: moma, dada, bye bye. (Jerry Steinfield)

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