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Yesterday and today were very hectic for me.  I spent all day Wednesday searching for the correct cable and terminal ends for Ruby’s new battery cable.  I visited several suggested places all to no avail.  I finally ended up at Frantic’s who suggested I try Master Auto Parts for the components and he could do the rest. Rick had everything I needed and by noon I had two new battery cables that could start a Detroit Diesel V12 without missing a beat.  The installation was not as easy as just hooking up a battery cable.  The 1/0 cable doesn’t bend very easy especially in a tight place like the starter motor on a SBC.  Ruby’s battery is in a drop down box under the car which means you need to jack up the car to work on it.  I am not sure why people install the battery in such a difficult place for maintenance but if they ever had to lie on their back and work on the battery with only inches to spare they would think twice about placing it where it belongs….under the hood.

I ran all the new cables with Bob O’s labor and my complaining we managed to have the car back on the road today by noon.  Thanks again to Bob O for helping me install the new cables.

I thought I would look into the new smaller batteries and mounting positions on various cars I love to build.  I have some for you today and will do a full story on the new batteries like TPI and others next week.  I plan to install the battery in Lucy next week so I will be shopping for the smallest and most efficient battery I can locate.  I plan to place it close to the starter inside the passenger side frame rail. I have done that previously but the exhaust is a problem when mounting the battery in this position.

I will be heading to the Big Woody show at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, CA on Saturday and the Outriders Picnic on Sunday.  Plenty of photos on Monday.

Stay Tooned!


I know it is crowded but you an work on this battery while stopped along side the road and you don’t need truck battery wire to start the car.

Bob also installed turn signals under the dash with the lever utilizing a 40 dash knob with a small hole with a green light flashing when in use.  Very clever Tim and Bob.

If you are hung up with the sight of the battery under the hood then at least install it in the trunk out of the way.  Note large cables running to the starter and ground.  The ground should run all the way back to the starter and then one also installed to the chassis and body.  No hot start per Tim.

Mr. Detail, Tom, used all the room on the passenger side in his coupe and installed the battery in the trunk.  You can also install the battery under the fender where all these hoses are located.  This is still hard to service in my opinion but is close to the starter.

Here is another way to install the turn signals with the retro look.  Tom painted the unit maroon and left the green light open.

For you flathead lovers you can install the battery in the stock location if you want you will have to make sure it is as high as possible to avoid the heat from the headers.  Moving it to the frame rail will really help in this situation.

Here is a nice flathead with the battery still mounted in the engine bay for easy maintenance.  You could make a cover if you are fussy but I like this look myself.

Here is a more monochromatic appearance for your stock 40 dash.  Note the turn signals are painted dash color to blend in and are very easy to reach when driving.

Today’s Battery choice for Pewsplace….dreaming!

Jim builds some of the nicest and trick 40 coupes around.  This battery and box looks perfect to me.  All very serviceable  as well as functional.  Good job Jim.

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