Thursday’s Travels

I should be headed for P-Town but that is another story. Many of my viewers send pictures from all over the World. I really like receiving them as I can see what is going on in other places. George was in Nevada recently and he and Bill stopped by an interesting place with lots of goodies. I wish I had been there as this is quite a place. Have a look at the collection of early Ford parts and cars.

I have been writing this blog for over two years and sincerely believe that it keeps my mind busy and offers great opportunities to meet new people and keep in touch with friends. As you know, I spent 40 years in the automobile business and talked to people everyday about cars and trucks. I miss those days and this is my therapy.

I am off to Frantic Fred’s today to see if he has any new stories from his travels to Louisville. I also need some more metal at IMS. This is a sickness I have and I don’t know how to cure it.

I hope everyone has a great time in P-Town.

Stay Tooned!



Welcome to the farm. I would be smiling too if I had the collection behind those doors.


Here is one of the shops where some serious metalwork is performed. Owner likes 36’s.


A couple of well used Sedan Deliveries out in the back.


A man needs a good library to look up the information on old cars.


Lots of projects are waiting for completion or sale.


I could use some of these housings especially the Columbia’s.


Two nice flathead engine stands would be handy items to have in the garage.


A spare 40 coupe, rust free, is waiting its turn in the shop. They are everywhere.


His personal rides look very nice also. I did not see any SBC sitting around.

Today’s ride…dreaming.


John’s 33 Woody ready to go to the beach today after Frantic Freds.

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