Thursday’s Travels

I spent most of yesterday and this morning chasing radiator hoses for Lucy’s engine transplant. The 57 Chevrolet hoses did not work out. They were close but no cigar. I searched the ebay sites and found some numbers that looked like they might work and the friendly counterman at NAPA pulled them all down for me.  I have them home now and they appear to be useable. I will try them later when it cools down. The temperatures are near 100 again today.  I have all the ordered parts in stock so I should have the motor ready to go by this weekend.

Jane and I are headed back to Santa Barbara to pick up some more 40 parts I purchased.  I now have all the parts for Andre including the correct seat. Sometimes patience pays off when looking for the correct parts.  Chasing parts can be time consuming but when there is a shopping Mall on the way the wife is always ready to go with me.  Maybe we will have lunch at the Yellow House by the Pacific as she likes that place.

Have a great Day and …

Stay Tooned!


Here are the hoses that appear to work.  The lower hose is NAPA 7286 and the upper hose is NAPA 8484.  I did mock them up and they look like they will work with a little trimming on the upper hose.  I hope to make a chart for SBC in Fords from 32-48 that would be helpful to all who do their own work.

Tom and Justin are smiling as they have the car dialed in now and are ready to hit the 200 + mph clock.

Yes, the racing team has to work in the hot sun if they want to race.  The umbrella is to keep the cockpit and driver cool while they wait their turn.

I do like the model 40 five window coupes done as a highboy.  This 33 had a nice chop and was free of the white stuff.

Some guys just have to get down and dirty with their cars.  The patina 40 coupe must have been a handful doing donuts in the salt.  I want one like this for Steve.

Ray has his R&C cover car back on the road and was seen driving the orange 33 all over the place.  Nice cover for those cold and wet nights.

This looks like Gene’s old 5 window coupe that graced the cover of Peter Vincent’s first book.

Dave drove his photogenic Deuce to the Junkyard on  Tuesday and people fell in love with the “Cartoon” Hot Rod.

Don also drove his Deuce and is enjoying his new overdrive transmission and exhaust system.  He has steel wheels but likes the Salt Flat ones better.  Bob O is pushing for Firestone Whitewalls.  Don is over 80 and still cruises the streets looking for action.

Today’s Sedan Hiboy….dreaming!

I hope you have been following the Eastwood Barakat build on the HAMB.  Look how cherry this body is.  Plans call for a tapered chop from 3 -2 1/2 with the rear window being lowered an inch for good visibility.  I can’t wait for the YouTube video on this one.

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