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If you are like me you look at the garage floor each time you pull your hot rod outside to see if there are any leaks that you didn’t notice before.  Ruby has a small oil leak (don’t they all) and I know where that is coming from.  The last week or so I noticed a very small drop on anti-freeze on the floor and decided to bring up the topic at the “Office”.  We have an expert on everything in our group and soon I was handed a pressure tester to diagnosis the problem.  I have never used one before but they are really a slick tool to have if you have a leak.  I followed the instructions and could not find the leak in the system.  I read a little further and tested the radiator cap which was the probable cause.  The leak down was slow but the tell tale signs were under the cap and on the filler neck tank.  I have another new one on Lucy so I will install it for the weekend trip and see if that solves the problem.  The cool caps you purchase today maybe pretty but are not very high in quality.  Make sure you have at least a 14 pound cap of high quality under that aluminum knurled billet cap or you will experience a leak in a short time.

I am mounting my new pulleys today and forgot to put some Loctite on the threads of the bolt so I am off to NAPA for some blue stuff to keep the bolts in place.  A new radiator is close to a $1000 bucks today so safety is important.  Have you ever seen a fan go thru a radiator?  I had it happen and it is instant junk and makes a grown man cry… (sort of like the surgeon with his knife).  My foot feels a little better today and I am hobbling around the garage putting some parts together.  I am very thankful I have a hobby that keeps my mind active and my body moving.

Have a good day!

Stay Tooned!


Maybe it is just me but the Deuce 5 window seems to be more popular than the 3 window.  People are saving some really rough coupes and that is a good thing.

The rear bumper on a 35-36 delivery is really a rare piece.

The spur gears go in the rear of the Winters V8 case and you need to add the shims to prevent walking with helical cut gears.

I hope to install the rear axle in Andre next week and use Gene’s mock up as a guide.  Gene is a perfectionist.

Pinkee built this one off sedan to show his skills in building a hot rod.  I am not sure why they painted it this color as it would have attracted attention in bare metal.

Eric likes Hemi’s and this one is detailed to the max.  Note all the detail work under the hood.

A very nice clone of the Deuce delivery.  There is that rear bumper again.  Wild and they reproduce this one.

Some people go to extreme lengths to show their creativity and skills.  This is very nice motor mount

If you like fat rags then go to the SAR site and look at the construction photos of this beauty.

Today’s Deuce 5 window coupe ….dreaming!

The HRR is coming up and this is a normal sight in the pits.

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