Thursday’s Thoughts

I took yesterday off and went to the eye doctor.  I was overdue for a checkup and my wife actually scheduled the appointment without me knowing the date.  Everything turned out find and I have a new set of glasses.  My welding beads should be perfect now.  Just as we put off checking our hot rod critical parts on a regular basis, we often do the same with our own bodies.  I am much more conscious of the value of a good checkup now that I have had a few problems with both the hot rod and my body.  I try to keep both in good shape so I can continue to enjoy my number one passion.

I have heard from several of my viewers that they are driving to the LARS from back east and will be  arriving by the middle of next week.  Our house guests will arrive on Wednesday and I have to plan our days so we can see as many of the open houses and cruises as possible.  Some of the people are staying over for Forty Ford Day the following Sunday in LaPalma Park.  I think these are two of the events that Deuce and Forty lovers shouldn’t miss.  The Limeworks open house is on Thursday, SO-CAL’s and Waldens are on Friday and I am sure you can stop by the Kennedy Boys on Thursday to say hello.  Hollywood Hot Rods and the Old Crow Speed Shop are always fun places to visit if you have the time.  I am sure there are many more events but I can only survive some of them.  You will be amazed at the crowds at each of these places and the hospitality of the owners.  Hot Rodders loves to see cars under construction and these shops won’t disappoint you.

June is always the “Doom and Gloom” month in LA but sometimes we manage a nice sunny day.  I don’t car about the weather unless it is raining and I do my rain dance on Thursday to prevent any rain over the weekend.  I don’t think the roadster guys will get wet.

Stay Tooned!


Deuce tubs are very rare and you will see several at the LARS if you go out to the Preferred Parking area.  Note the steering wheel placement and mechanical brakes.

Steve featured the Duvall 34 roadster in this months TRJ along with a marvelous story about Marcia an early hot rod photographer.

If you have a retro ride then you can park in the PP and be admired by thousands.  This 33 has a perfect stance and lots of patina.

Forty coupes are always welcome and make the drive more comfortable.  I have a set of the Mercury wheels to install on Andre.  You can’t read the Flying A gas price but it was 32 cents a gallon back then.  The blue coupes rather than black are growing on me.  We used to bring Coors back into IL when we were young and sell it to the boys.

JJ doesn’t own this one anymore but maybe it will be in the PP area.  A classic design that never grows old.  Do you like the laid back A pillar?

When visiting SO-CAL take a good look at their roadster kits.  Pete has the build down to a science and would be happy to build one for you.  Note turnbuckles on quarter panels.

I wonder if this is going to be the swap meet area this year?  Jack’s 36 was looking good prior to moving back to AZ.

I am thinking this is where the Swap meet will be this year but not sure.  I think the roadsters will be parked where the GNRS was held.

A 34 full fendered roadster is my favorite early Ford (well one of them).  Note one-off windshield posts and glass.  Thanks John!

Today’s Roadster….Dreaming!

Joe will be there in disguise hoping to see his old roadster which has been fully restored by Custom Auto a few years ago.

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