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We had a good discussion at the “Office” today concerning the need to move the Corporate Office to a new location.  I guess the bad coffee and soggy donuts were the main reason for the motion to be brought up under new business.  We have been going to the same location for many years and it seems “Change” is a  popular word these days so why not the “Office Gang”.  We are moving a short distance from our old location but a far better supplier for our daily requirements of coffee, donuts and BS.  I will be surprised if we last long at the new place as our meetings become real loud because most people can’t hear very well….What did you say? Time will tell.

I continue to work on Ruby trying to find the banging sound in the new suspension.  I had the front end lubed and checked yesterday and the car steers a lot better but still has a small clunk.  The man could not find anything that looked out of place and told me to drive it for a while and see if the sound goes away.  Does that sound familiar? Take two Aleve and see if you aches go away.  I know from experience that I need to locate the problem now, not on the side of the freeway.  I am headed to Frantic’s after lunch to see if he can spot the noise.  Fred knows MII suspensions and how to fix them.

I will make it short today and go to work on Ruby.

Stay Tooned!


Ken Gross’s 32 roadster started life at CSR in Huntingto Beach, CA as a project for Jim Jenks and later Andy Cohen.  Andy found a better car and sold it to Ken.  Dave Simard made the car perfect and Ken spared no expense in making this roadster one of the best in recent years.  This is a real Henry roadster that was in poor shape prior to the restoration.  The top always caught my eye and still is one of my favorite Carson style tops on a Deuce.  I saw Ken’s car at the Long Beach swap meet one Sunday and it was parked in the preferred parking with the boys.  You can spend a lot of time just looking at the workmanship and details.  Very Nice!

This photo shows the top and interior detail.  Each area has been very well thought out and researched to meet Ken’s tenacity for the whole project.

Pat’s long term Deuce project turned out great and he drives the wheels off the car.  I think Joe Nitti was his inspiration.

You can have a roadster today with mostly aftermarket items and make them look old.  Bass built this one.

The Bass roadster was put together with repo parts in a short period of time.  Finding the correct parts for an old build style can be time conusming and expensive.  Here is the finished product at this years GNRS.  A very well built roadster with some different touches from the past.

Alan can build a roadster that is one off and still capture the style and grace of the old roadsters.  This one is flathead powered and features his Perfection Parts line of products for Deuces.

On display at the Peterson is one of the early Milestone roadsters that has been fully restored to its original state.  Kirk White researched the Ray Brown roadster and had it preserved to perfection.

Some current creations are very nice and always attract me to take another look.  The front V bar makes it a new version of the old look.  Who had the first slight V’d spreader bar?

The “Double Nickel” roadster commissioned by Bob Morrison and now owned by Bruce is another Milestone car built in the 80’s by a team of skilled craftsman.  Canepa updapted the car for Bruce and I shot this at the Petersen a few months ago.  Not a great picture but a great car.

Today’s Roadster…..Dreaming!

The 37 Ford truck grille was first installed on the 34 back in the late forties by Jack Morgan and much later by Jake on his 34 coupe.  Poteet built a 34 roadster with the truck grille and started the trend again.  The is a modern steel version of the old Morgan roadster.  I like this one a lot….see my heading!

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