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Bob O called and said I needed to meet him at the “Office” and he would take me to see a new hot rod in town.  I was kind of busy but I never miss a chance to go see a new car, take some pictures and meet new people in the hobby.  The owner, Ryan, a retired Simi resident has been building a model 40 5 window coupe for the last few years.  He found the body at the Kennedy Boys in pieces and had Dan Collins put it together for him.  The car is built in the early style and is currently sitting in his garage waiting for him to start enjoying his life long dream.

Bob O and I drove over in his slick black 40 coupe, which is another dream of mine, and when we arrived Ryan was waiting for us with the garage doors open.  I could see the rear of the chopped coupe and the cheater slicks from the driveway which made my heart beat a little faster than normal.  The car is brand new and was shown at this year’s GNRS in Pomona where it took home a trophy.  Once inside the garage, Ryan explained the build and I started taking photos.  I had to shoot the photos in the garage so they are not fully revealing of just how nice a car this is.  The body was chopped  three inches, mounted on a new Kiwi 34 chassis and updated with all early style components.  The big surprise was the Chevy 348 (built to 409 specifications) and hooked to a T-5 manual transmission.  The overall car is a fresh idea is the execution of an early hot rod hiboy 5 window coupe.  I hope you enjoy the photos and I want to thank Ryan for taking the time to show me his new ride.  He was invited to attend the morning meetings at the “Office”.

I returned home and continued the long process of cleaning the engine for painting.  I am making a bigger project out of this than I need to but I am having fun.  I missed the NHRA Twilight Cruise last night because I really am an American Idol fan and wanted to hear Pia do her thing.

We are planning on attending the B&M Car Show this sunday if the weather holds.  This show is growing a this year they moved it to a new location with more space.  Most of the attendees are muscle car owners but I love looking at them also.

Stay Tooned!


A tight shot but this blue hiboy is really different from most I look at.  Chrome wheels with WW’s and the pinched front frame horns with not fender aprons spelled hot rod.

The pencil tips, 47 Chevy tail lights and cheater slicks really look good.  Unseen is the transverse rear spring and 9 inch rear all detailed to the maximum.

Bob O really liked the 51 Ford steering wheel and clean black interior.  Swing pedals were nice and easy to reach.

A healthy 348 (409) was squeaky clean with OEM headers and new triple 97’s to make it really haul.  Everywhere you look is finished to perfection.

The trunk was not left unfinished and the spun aluminum rear end cover was a clever idea.

A black interior really goes well with the blue color.  I am sure Ryan will enjoy many miles of excitement in this comfy environment.

Here is some more of Dan’s work.  He has the eye for the look I love and can execute it better than most.

Here is that dash again.  Do you think Henry ever thought this design would be timeless?  I bet David did.

Dan can also do customs with the Nick Matranga look.  It appears he is into motorcycles too.

How about a hardtop 40 coupe with extended rear fenders.  John would like this one.  I must travel to this shop someday soon.

Today’s ride….dreaming!

I show this one a lot as it has a perfect stance and with those wheels reminds me of a legend who left us too soon.  Barry probably has a new sedan in the works.

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