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Sometimes some people have a passion for old Fords and start collecting them for their own self satisfaction.  Dave is one of those fellows who has sought after and purchased a nice collection of early Fords.  The GG’s tour stopped by his hilltop home and toured his wonderful collection of old Fords, mostly hot rods.   I thank Steve for the photos and I hope you enjoy them.  The season is here and now is the time for you to start enjoying your hobby.

I really have a full day today in the garage working on Lucy’s engine assembly.

Stay Tooned!


Here is a partial view of Dave’s collection of Fords.  I can’t imagine walking into this garage every morning and deciding which car to drive.  Note the nice garage lighting and floors.

Steve loves 40 coupes and this little maroon one was one of his favorites.  No need to improve on Henry’s design, its perfect as is.

I know Gary would like this 36 delivery with the orange steelies and whitewall tires.

Hidden in the corner was this primo Deuce tudor sedan with signature orange wheels in place.  Looks like a 25 louver hood has been added to the stocker.

This view shows a three window and roadster with the treatment.  Steel wheels are the best IMHO.  Note the split bones peeking out under the fenders.

No collection would be complete without a 46 rag to take the grandchildren for a sunday cruise.  Dave likes his rides low in the front.

Here is another little three window for you to drool over.  Painted undercarriage indicates driver to me.  The big headlights really stand out on the darker silver fenders.

A true hot rodder also needs a Nostalgic dragster (Beebe & Mulligan) and a stash of Hemi engines to make sure he can Cackle in Bakersfield.

A 35 woody and Deuce roadster were also part of the touring folks who stopped in for a look at Dave’s wonderful collection.  This looks like Ken’s roadster from IL.

Today’s sedan delivery….Dreaming!

Sporting a GA plate I don’t recall ever seeing this one around the LA area.  George this is you inspiration for yours.  The owner was part of the tour group on their way to Del Mar.

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  3. I to was fortuate to tour Dave’s spectacular garage a few years ago. Not only is the garage teriffic , but the house is beautiful. Hope you were fortunate like I was to get to sample some of charlies’ cookies , yummmm !

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