Thursday’s Travels

The good news this morning was the 6 to 12 volt conversion on the 40 coupe was a success, the engine spins fast and it starts instantly.  Now for some road miles to test the new gauges with the Runtz resistors.  If you have an old 6 volt system this is a worth while conversion to bring you into today’s highway driving.  Please note you no longer have a positive ground.

The wife and I are headed over to Malibu for a St. Patricks Day party and for me it will be some good corn beef and cabbage and for the wife it will be some green wine.  We have always celebrated this day and we are not Irish.  I think it is one of the most fun holidays we have.  Lots of partying and enjoying the food and drink with family and friends.  I hope you have a good one yourself.

I put the first coat of black paint on the engine and it came out super black.  Walt’s Woody has a black engine and accessories and I have always preferred his engine compartment to any I have seen so I just copied the theme for Lucy.  I know he wont’t mind.  I used Dupli-Color from PeP Boys and saved about $100 on paint supplies.  The paint store suggested I do this as the cost of paint, thinner, hardener, etc is prohibitive today for painting engines.  My total investment was $12.00.  I will finish the 69 Chevrolet script valve covers in black with silver lettering.  We have a great pin-striper who can make them look like they were stamped in that color.  I am finished for the day and have to get ready for the party and clean the paint off my hands.  I don’t want to look like a garage mechanic while eating dinner.

Bakersfield  Tomorrow if no rain.  March Meet!

Stay Tooned!


Vern was building these hiboy roadsters for a while but I think the current demand has slowed down on Deuce hiboy roadsters.

These beautiful studio photos are by Mike Bishop.  This is my favorite view of the hiboy.  Simple is best for hiboy.

Gary always keeps his engines simple and so I copied the valve covers for Lucy.  I am not sure how the engine breaths but I know he has the rear vent tube on the 327 to help out.

I would never do this but this one is done nice and was very popular in the 80-90’s.  You need to take your time and be a good welder.

Forty Coupe Bob is building himself a nailhead sedan to drive around northern California.  How about that license plate?

He sent along these sneak peek photos for us to wonder what will come next.

Prior to receiving the model A green paint this is how Ryan’s SRM cover car looked.

This is what it is all about…  Driving the freeway in your hot rod…  They are not any fun sitting in your garage or on a trailer.

Tonight’s date night ride….dreaming!

Nice shot of my date night car.  Do you think she will mind the wind blowing just a little?  I probably should take the Audi for safety.  Naw!

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