Thursday’s Tops

I was off to the metal store early this morning to pickup some exhaust tubing for my friend Bob. He is building his own system and did not want to use the local exhaust tubing that you purchase from the muffler shop. He prefers the clean metal from the metal supplier. While looking around the metal store I ran into a fellow who was looking for tubing to construct a top for his 33 roadster. I told him what I used, 3/4 .060 round tubing and he thought that was a good idea. In the conversation he wanted to know if I knew anyone interested in purchasing his stock top irons and bows, complete with top material. I said I might know someone. I am going to look at it next week. I would use the stock irons over my fabricated ones any day. A Duvall windshield is tough to make look good, but I have seen the ones I like on Steve’s Restoration web site. He does quality work.

I am going to Bakersfield in the morning so I will not be able to update the site until next Monday.

Have a good weekend.

Stay Tooned!



Steve’s nice top irons with DuVall windshield.


Sids top on a 33/34 with stock windshield


Stock top on Mumford’s beauty.


Stock irons that have been chopped. I like this look.


Home made irons on a Brizio 33 roadster. Profile is not correct for me.


Stock chopped irons that have the correct profile.


Ray has the stock irons also, but never uses them. A real roadster guy. This car has been all over the world.


My friend Tom’s deuce with a nicely made tubing top. No wood was used in the frame work. Fits perfect.



Tardell built 33 with 40 dash and a lift off top. I have never seen the top on this car. Another “Cool Dude”.

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