Thursday’s Tops

Bobo has been wanting a top for a long time and finally is having one made. Neil Gates has been making top irons for over 30 years and has the process down to a science. Neil wanted to do a 3 inch chopped windshield with a 2 inch laid back post. The top will have the early look with the rear bow lowered and the middle bow leaned forward. The profile provides plenty of head room for the passenger. The irons are stainless steel and will be polished to perfection. The bows will be varnished and should look great against a black inside top material. The trail fitting required some rework as the leaned back post put the corner castings at at a 14 degree angle. The irons also needed to be shortened a couple of inches. Lots of work but the end will result will be a top that looks and fits correctly.

Here are some photos.

Stay Tooned!



Initial trial of mock header proved to be too narrow. Neil adjusted the width to fit over the post perfectly. The real header will not be mounted until the final installation. Good idea as changes in oak bows are not welcomed.


Close up of corner castings. These will be chrome plated in the finished product. Note with the 3 inch chop the castings set at a 14 degree angle. This will be fixed in the final design.


Three of us lifted the top and mounted it to the rear mounts with 5/16 bolts. Fit perfect after spreading the bows.


The inside of the casting will be attached to the real header when finished. Quality pieces from Neil.


Neil headed home to finish the final assembly. I can’t wait for the final fitting.


Trunks in Deuces don’t offer much space for luggage let alone a top. Bobo plans to just lay his back or take it off.

Today’s ride…dreaming.


Bobo’s perfectly restored 1950 Harley Davison motorcycle.

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