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People ask me how do I know what to write about everyday and my answer has always been…I write about life as it happens to me each day.  Remember in school when you had to write 500 word essays?  I used to dread those blue books unless I knew about the subject.  As I grew older and had to make presentations most days it became easier as I knew the subject.  My background in the automotive field has provided me with vast knowledge of the automotive world including several of the top players.  I learned a lot by listening to the people who were beating the drum.  I later had to beat the drum for my team and I was very thankful for the experience. Listening is a far better attribute to have than talking without knowledge.

This morning I again listened to the Chairman, Bob O, and what he had to say about installing a radio in his super 40 coupe.  He mentioned that in a 40 Ford you need to keep the dash as stock as possible and late model radio’s, Ipods, etc., need to be hidden out of sight and controlled by a remote.  I have seen Tim’s flip up radio plate that reveals the Secret Audio head and really liked it but Bob O’s behind the 5 window coupe’s flip up seat is a great space for installing all the electronic equipment you need. All that is required is a remote to put the equipment in motion.  As mentioned above, I learned more by listening and observing the installation than by talking.  We can all learn by asking questions, observing and performing a hands on demonstration.  Once you have mastered the process then you can teach someone else.

Bob O needs his Deuce frame welded and I offered to do it for him or show him how to do it himself using my TIG welder.  He used to TIG weld for Magoo so I am sure it will come back to him.  The secret to TIG welding at an older age is keeping the puddle moving and consistent.  Excellent eye sight is important for good solid welds and a magnifying lens is the answer for us old dudes.  My welding helmet has a number 11 shield with a magnifying lens.  It is a little dark but I don’t have eye problems later in the day as I have encountered with a number 10 lens.

I am in the teaching mode today so bear with me until tomorrow.

Stay Tooned!


John was the first one to identify the Lyon wheel cover.  Congratulations John!  I will be sending you a new Pewsplace T-shirt.

Hard to read the fine print but here is the advertisement for the Lyon wheel disc to cover up your wire wheels.  What year did Ford switch to solid steel wheels?

Bob O likes to work under the dash on his 40 coupe.  I would need a Dr. if I got in this position for very long.

Tim makes these flip up conversions for his cars and they look great.

Tim also hides the auxiliary head in the glove box to keep it out of sight.  I think this is the XM portion of the sound system.

Gary also hides the XM head in the glove box.

You need to have a clear head when you start the wiring on the bench.  Lets see the white wire went where!

Gary goes to a lot of trouble to hide all components that are not stock.  Looks good doesn’t it!

Walt prefers the whole glovebox (less A/C space) on Ruby.  He had Jim mount the radio in the original location for easy operation with a remote.

Tom also likes his Secret Audio mounted out in the open.  The choice is yours as both locations are very functional for the driver.

On a sunny day I push out Lucy for the neighbors to admire.  Most of them!

I went to Frantic’s yesterday to ask him about the TCI front suspension.  Note the position of the lower coil in this photo.  I call this coil bind and a problem in the IFS setup.  The coil must seat in the lower cup and the upper tower requires a rubber pad to prevent binding and squeaks.

Today’s collector…..Dreaming!

Mike has a nice pair he keeps in tip top shape for a drive to the Saturday morning breakfast.  That 46 belongs in my garage.

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