Thursday’s Tools

I have been spending a lot of time in the garage lately and that is a good thing for me.  Working with my tools gives me great pleasure and time passes by quickly when you are focused on a project.  I find the biggest deterrent is the lack of the proper tool to do the job.  I spent the last couple of days working on modifying the brake pedal for Andre’s brake system.  The job is simple enough if you have the correct tools to perform the task.  I usually farm out any machine work but lately I have wanting a lathe, bead blaster and a new drill press.  I have room for these items but at my age I don’t think I can justify purchasing them.

When I was young I wanted Snap-On tools but only could afford Craftsman, when I was in my forties I could afford Snap-On and purchased a complete tool box with a full set of tools.  I did notice the difference but both sets worked equally as well.  I was always impressed at Boyd’s shop with all of the bright red Snap-On tool boxes that lined the stalls in his shop.  I used to wait for the Snap-On truck to come to my dealership and would try to purchase a new tool each week.  I still have most of the tools I have purchased but now I shop at Harbor Freight for the bargains as i know I can take them back just like Sears but at half the cost.  Some tools you use on a regular basis need to be quality but most of the stuff I do I can get by with the lesser quality items.  Don’t get me wrong if I could afford the Snap-On brand I would prefer them above all.

Frantic called yesterday and finally located a pair of rear springs for Andre and hopefully I will have them tomorrow.  I continue to work on sub-assemblies and have finished the steering, brake pedal master cylinder mount and the rear spring hangers.  Once the springs arrive I will move to the rear shocks which will be special for the delivery.

Stay Tooned!


Fred loaned me the mock up VA unit for Andre.  The unit is 24 inches long and is too big for my little compartment.  I would have to do a lot work to fit this one up high in the underdash space.

I gave Tim a call and he told me what works best in his 40 coupes.  This is the Gen II Mini and blows as much air as the Gen II Super.  I plan to insulate the delivery with Dynamat and install a “shower curtain” (hidden) behind the front seat to keep the cool air in the front seat area.  Frantic has this in his delivery and it really works great.

The Mini is much smaller and allows a small glovebox, cowl vent handle and fits nicely under the dash.


I need the tools to build these M/C adapters for Andre.  Fred had 20 of them in stock so I just purchased it from him.  Cheaper than a 3/4 inch plasma cutter.

I removed the clutch arm and cut off the solid shaft for the clutch.

Since I don’t have a bead blaster I used the Harbor Freight ro-loc pads and cleaned it up nicely.  Note the adapter and washer and bolt added to the shaft to keep it in place.  This is a pressed fit but just in case I always add the washer.  Pete and Jake products do the same thing.  This sub-assembly is now complete and ready for powder coating.  I think I have mentioned that a pallet of parts for powder coating is about half the price of purchasing paint supplies.  No brainer.

Fred also had some left over TCI center X member parts that completes my center section.  Nice pieces from TCI.

Craiglist had this nice looking 40 sedan for $49K but it didn’t last long.  The rear wheels and fenders look like they are larger than normal but it just may be the photo.  I love the color.

Steve and Tom got together at P-Town for this photo shoot.  Tom had some unfortunate luck but I hear the 40 coupe is being put back together by some long time pals of his.  What a great life Tom has had and we all remember him through the years as “Stroker McGurk”.  Steve’s 40 sedan is the most photographed 40 of all time. He has outdone Bob McCoy.

The rear spring mounts and shackles are installed waiting for the springs.  Note how the jig clears the springs which really makes it nice when you are assembling the car.  The springs mount in moly bushings which provides a quiet ride.

Sid does some really nice work on 40 Fords.  Here is a modern upholstery job in a 40 convert using the stock seat.  Note the three pedals.

Today’s Deuce….dreaming!

Full fenders on a roadster sure look good to me after all the hiboys at the LARS.

I think I would add the black steel wheels and make it real sinister looking.

Lynn had this beauty in his shop prior to his death and Steve like it too much.  The car was priced right but the seat was hard to sit in comfortably.  I think it need to have more lumbar padding and it would have been fine.  I don’t know what happened to Lynn’s many cars but he sure had some nice ones.  He left us too soon.



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