Thursday’s Three Windows

Growing up in a small town in the Midwest in the 50’s kept me sheltered from seeing very many 32 Fords. I read about them in the little pages and always admired them but never thought I would own one. Coupes were the hot ticket and sedans were for the old rodders. I always preferred the 5 window coupe because there were a couple in town that I admired during my youth. I can’t recall seeing a three window in Decatur but there must have been one. After college, I purchased a 5 window and had lots of fun with it until Viet Nam came. Grandma stored the coupe during my service days and once out I was longing for a 3 window coupe. I found one at the Detroit Autorama in 1969 and made a deal with Fred to purchase it for $2000. I also drove the wheels off of this car and moved on to a series of 3 windows (4) until moving to LA in 1984. I had a very nice stock height 3 window will a Bill Metz chassis and lots of chrome. In the 80’s I had two children that did not fit in the coupe so I sold the car to Boyd and purchased a sedan from Frank. As the job became more demanding, I sold the sedan and that was the last of my 32 Fords.

I fell in love with 40 Fords, especially convertibles that could haul my family to the shows and the ice cream store in Laguna on the weekends. I also loved the sedan delivery and owned one of each for many years. I have not changed my taste much over the past 20 years and still love Deuces and Forties.

We are off tomorrow to look at a very nice flamed 40 sedan with a Eddie Martinez interior and lots of chrome. Maybe this will become a local car for all of us to enjoy.

Stay Tooned!


The 1932 three widow coupe has been a hot rodder’s favorite for many years.

Tom put together this beauty with some of the best in the business. Bruce owns it now and drives it to many events in SO-CAL.

This great photo shows the fantastic profile of the three window done as a hiboy coupe. The background is beautiful NH in the fall.

Don had Roy built this Wescott three window a few years ago and it turned out very nice. This was before they made the metal one and glass was your only choice if you wanted one in a hurry. Don has had several Deuces over the years and is located in Spokane, WA.

I love to walk into a shop and see this setting. You know you are in a true enthusiast garage that shares your passion for the Deuce. Chopped top and flatmotor with a QC and A spring out back. Yes!

This was my third 3 window in about 1972. The car is still just like you see it and is located in Gary’s basement in GA.

Jim has just purchased this cherry Deuce and plans and early style build. He just sold his 36 roadster a year or so ago.

I certainly lean toward the hiboy look with a chopped top. Black looks the best on these cars in my opinion. The Murray body is a little wider than the 5 window and many think the three window should always have fenders. I don’t need no stinking fenders.

Tom built this full fendered Deuce over a long period of time and it has to be one of the best around. He has one of everthing so he can put fenders on some of his Deuces.

Red Deuces were popular in the 80’s and this local car still looks good after the early build style. I don’t think WW tires were big in the 80’s. Coker made them a must have for many builders today. I still prefer the blackwalls on hot rods and WW’s on customs.

Today, you would be right in style with this flathead powered three window. Note head covers. Lynn likes these for his flatheads.

A true classic profile of the three window is shown here. It is hard to argue the beauty of this body style. Black with red wheels make it a very traditional three window…understated and just plain cool looking.

A recent build by Roy for a customer who has a fleet of Deuces. This little Deuce coupe has all the nostalgic trimmings, Hemi, QC, Chop, Sids interior, Regency red paint with steel wheels and louvers. One of my favorites.

Today’s Deuce three window….dreaming!

My friend George also has a fleet of Deuces but this one is his favorite. He built this car over a period of time in his home garage. He entered in the GNRS in LA and was a happy camper from Petaluma, CA. I have ridden in this one and with a 430 hp motor/6 speed it goes anywhere it wants to go. Way to go George.

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