Thursday’s Thougths

I think most of you who follow this blog know that I am partial to traditional cars and parts and feature what I call traditional hot rods most of the time.  Sometimes I featured a more modern suspension than I like but I must admit they do have some benefits going down the road.  For example, Walt had and IFS installed on Ruby with a power rack and pinion which made a drastic improvement in the ride and steering.  I took the car to the open house on Sunday and on the way home the power steering became difficult to turn and started to squeal.  I quickly pulled into a gas station and added some power steering fluid to fix the problem. Once home, I examined the hoses and the rack and could not find a leak.  I know it is leaking but I have never had power steering on a hot rod in my life so I was fully dependent on Frantic Fred to help me diagnose where the leak was coming from.  I first cleaned the entire area and had the wife turn the wheel while the car was running to see if I could see the leak.  No, I did not see any leaks from the entire system.  I called Fred and said to bring it in next week and he will put it up on the rack to have a better look.  I have fixed a lot of early Ford and Vega boxes by rebuilding them, but everything on the rack and pinion is brand new so I am entering a new age and learning process of fixing leaking power steering units.  I hope to take some photos as Fred finds the problem and I will share them with you just in case you want to sneak a unit in your hot rod.  I won’t tell anyone if you don’t.

I was watching the news this morning and the economist were predicting six dollar a gallon gas by this summer.  I am sure this will affect many trucking companies and other businesses but the high price of gas will surely make you think about driving that old hot rod very far from home.  The “Office” consensus this morning was that no matter what a gallon of gas cost the hot rod will still be driven and enjoyed.  I could not have said it better myself.

Stay Tooned


Today’s fun hot rod.  I saw this beauty a few years ago at B’field and fell in love.  This is a real deal well built racer.

The interior looks comfortable and well thought out.  The tonneau added the look to the car.

The wide 5 wheels add a different look and contribute to the overall design of the car.

The QC is completely painted for easy maintenance.  Note the spring is in front of the axle and the safety brackets on the brake drums.

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