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I started off with good intentions of working on the roadster, but got sidetracked and started taking off the Mustang ll front end on the 48 convert. The installation was done well with excellent welding but the crossmember is located 4 inches too far forward. The installer placed it where the original front spring was installed. I don’t know how you could do this, but someone did. My friend Donnie has a Plasma cutter so removal will be easy. I think I can even reuse the unit. I have included some pictures of the front suspension.

The year is almost over and Christmas is in the minds of most people. The economy, being in such poor condition, is the subject of retired folks. GM’s 39 billion loss yesterday sent the stock market way down and the tight credit policy is making second mortgages for cars very tough to obtain. Viewers, now is the time to purchase old Fords. Many people are selling their toys to help with the house payment. Don’t purchase an overpriced car, wait for a deal and buy it. Cars are good investment if you buy a good car to begin with and buy it under current market values. This is Pewsplace Tip of the Day.

More photos follow.

Stay Tooned!



Mustang ll ready for removal


The center of the hat should be were the white line is located. Four inches too far forward.


Driver’s side rail bent, easy fix. Isn’t this fun!


SEMA 57 Chevy chassis in Buckaroo booth…very, very nice. Note detail, Air Bags, Etc.


Rear view of 57 Chevy chassis. Unique rear suspension.


Wild 36 roadster at SEMA. Super craftsmanship. Rick Dore creation.


Dynamat’s version of a 32 hiboy? Looks like an MG to me. WILD!

Sneak Peek 


Nice 46 convert.  Chop is too much for me.  I like them stock height with the top down.

This one is for sale for $69K.

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