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I am a day behind as I have been trying to figure out what went wrong with the EZ-EFI system during Pepe’s rebuild. I will save you all the drama Jane and I went through by saying it’s a great system but make sure you have gas in the primary tank or it won’t work. It seems I filled the front and rear tanks but left it switched on the rear tank and forgot about it. The gauge reads full on the front tank but the rear tanks is empty and no fuel to the injectors. I am getting old so Jane only laughed for and hour or so. The help desk at COMP Cams also suggested my problem was no fuel but I assured them I had filled both tanks. The car runs find now and I’m on to having the rear door repainted for the 4th time. I love old Hot Rods they keep me busy and broke!

We have NSA Bakersfield and Doheny Wood this weekend so I will be busy having fun with Woody Wagons.


Stay Tooned!



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This is great news and be sure to stop by on Friday afternoon for a good time.

A rare sight in our area is these two Phaetons heading out for a great road trip.

This one belongs in my garage along with Pepe. No fenders required at Pewsplace.

This classic was built by a friend of mine and is a super driver and uses all original parts except body.

Matt installed the H&H Dixon flatty to his new designed Deuce chassis.

If I had an extra $3500 I would buy this 41 rear door.

The 41 rear door had an access panel as the 40 didn’t. Henry must have figured it was easier to pound out the dents with the panel open.

Here is a nice hiboy for sale in our area.

I would like to say that I’m almost ready for the road with this one but I’m $55K short. Real deal 34 roadster on the HAMB.

Louie captured our beautiful countryside with his Nikon and his Dad’s old roadster. Miss you Joe!

Another great photo on the salt— I like 34 hiboy roadsters.

If you must have fenders then this is the one for me.

Lee Kelly does a fine job of restoring the original panels and converting them to 12 volt.

He does a very neat job and has been doing this conversion for many years.

Some of my friends have beautiful 40 converts stored away for safe keeping. It doesn’t get much better than a CMG convert.

Jenni my friends wife also likes 40 convertibles and posed for a shot at Pomona a few years ago. Two pretty ladies.

Craig has been working on his truck for a spell but it will be a masterpiece when finished. A clean chop.

This is an old photo but shows how the top was chopped.

Kind of looks like my old one but it isn’t. They are still around waiting for a restoration or just drive ’em!


                   Sometimes they even drive them when the snow melts in MN.

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