Thursday’s Thoughts

I sold my mint sedan floor to a man in ID who is collecting parts for a future build. In order to save on shipping, he suggested I take it to the Greyhound Bus Terminal and use their package express. I had never done this before so this morning my wife and I headed up to Oxnard to the local terminal. She likes to ride along as we go right past the Outlet Malls. I am saving money as she won’t have to turn around and drive back up there in a few days. Makes sense to me. I was quite surprised to find a modern brick building in the downtown area that was clean and neat. The whole process took less than 2 minutes and we had our receipt and was headed home. I had checked with my local UPS Store and they were 3 times higher than Greyhound. I think I will consider them for my future shipping needs to far away places. I only have few more bulky pieces of sheet metal left in my garage and I will haul them to the LARS swap meet in June. I always sell everything I take to this amazing event. Now, if I can just keep from bringing home more than I sold, I will be ok. You know how it is when you have a couple of grand in your pocket at a swap meet like the LARS…you suddenly become rich and pay too much for your must have item…and that’s ok.

I spent the last couple of days building a support for the hood on Andre. I get carried away on some of my projects, but I like to build things in my shop. The process took longer than expected but the end result was worth the effort. The hood should ride to TN without any problems. I hate to see anything happen to Andre as he has been with me for a couple of years and we became good friends. Purchasing a project has always been my idea of making a dream come true. The whole experience provides you and your family with lots of challenging moments right up to the final time when it leaves the garage for a new journey. I am sure Bob will take the project to the next level and realize his dream. As I have stated many times before, without a dream your become complacent and the fire eventually goes out. Don’t let this happen to you.

Stay Tooned!


Bobby sent in some photos of his latest dream project. He purchased this very nice 39 convertible sedan a year ago and has been very busy making it his. A fresh French flathead and new Washington Blue paint really spruced up this old girl. He said, “She looks good and sounds like a race car” I guess you can’t ask for anything more.

Bobby has a “little” garage space which helps the build process when you have a few cars undergoing restoration. I am guessing he will add a tan top to contrast with the body color. I can’t tell if he has added a dropped axle but it looks a little lower in the front. Jane and I will drive Pepe up to see this project. We drove one of his 46 converts with a 3/8 x 3/8 flatty and you would have thought it was a SBC. These are rare cars and especially ones in this nice shape.

Gary, from Cornhusker, has built his fair share of roadsters and sent along this beauty to help start Roadster Month. He satisfied someones dream in Portugal with this one. Skinny wheel roadsters are my thing these days. I grew up with these tires and while radials handle better, the bias belt has the look that belongs on this build style.

Ryan is also getting a customers roadster ready for the show. The  chassis in the background is from my friends 40 woody he is building. His shop is keeping  very busy these days. When you do great work the customers will find you.

Roadsters are going strong in Ohio also. Bob just got this one in and it has the look and stance that made Ohio famous. It could be yours.

As a warm up to the LARS, the annual SCR and BAR clubs held their outing on the Central Coast this past weekend. Yellow seems to be the color this year. I know both of the owners of these cars who enjoy the journey more than most. Can you imagine driving past this rest stop and not stopping for a closer look. Thanks Phil for the photos.

The return home on the East Coast is being photographed by Jeff. I would follow this 3 window for miles and dream the entire way. My friend Larry in Detroit and I drove back from Columbus one year in his 3 window. It rained the entire time but didn’t dampen our spirits one bit. We were in a coupe, of course, not a roadster.

My article on phaetons prompted Al to send in some photos of their Roadster Boys. He built this phaeton in his garage and made his dream come true. The red hiboy with the Bop Top looks good with the side curtains attached. Sid offers these for you real roadster drivers. Bring these beauties to the LARS from Madison, WI and bring me a couple of Deuceburgers. (very  clever)

When you have been a bad boy then you must hide your head on your roadster. The fellow in the shorts must be headed to the LARS.

That’s what I am talking about! Plenty of room, no top and a big smile on your face. Life doesn’t get much better than this. Those snaps indicate he may have a tonneau to keep the airflow out of the passenger compartment. Congratulations on building a great looking phaeton with lots of class.

Today’s Roadster!

Bruce has them all but this one is special. He drove the car out to the PRC run a few years ago. Dreams will not hurt you on this one.

Doane was way ahead of his time with this build. SO-CAL speed shop did the restoration and it is perfect.

The interor is a work of art. The side steering and open shaft steering column along with the gauges and panel can hold your attention for a long time.

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