Thursday’s Thoughts

Sometimes we all have to realize that change is a concept we need to adjust to. For example, searching for parts on the internet is much easier than driving all over town trying to locate the parts. LA is a big city and you can easily use $50 bucks worth of gas chasing parts. I always try to support the brick and mortar stores when possible and financially feasible. I realize it is hard to compete with the on-line retailers but with the new tax laws going into place in CA the local merchants should have a better opportunity. Shipping versus gas expense can be beneficial unless the item is heavy. I recently purchased a $20 part on ebay and it cost $18 to ship it. Sometimes you can’t win. The need to change your perspective on purchasing items for your hot rod from a drive and search to first searching the internet to locate the part is up to you. You then can deicide whether to go pick it up or have it shipped. If you are retired like me, and need something to do, then, you will enjoy getting out of the house and seeing people in brick and mortar stores. Talking to people, other than your peer group, is very beneficial for the mind especially if you are seeking information. Try it!

We are expecting some rain today so I am working on  Andre’s floor boards today. I have a couple of patches that need to be installed prior to blasting. I love fabricating parts and can always count on Frantic to assist me if I run into trouble.

I plan to go to the Monrovia Car Show on Sunday to see Mr. Bob’s new 40 coupe. He now has a fleet of 40 coupes.

Stay Tooned!


Dave sent in some better photos of his just finished 40 coupe. He purchased a stock car and had Tom Walsh Restorations make it driver with all the required updates. I sincerely believe this is the only way to beat the high cost of paint and upholstery in today’s shops. If you want a perfect car that you can’t drive then go for the $40K paint jobs and $20K interiors, but if you want to have a nice driver buy a decent 40 coupe and make it a hot rod. IMHO!

Add a nice 383, turbo 350, a V/A Front Runner system and you have a real cruiser in your fleet.

Forty coupes with a stock interior are just fine for the driver. You can buy a new Lebaron-Bonney kit or stick with the original interior. Tom leaves the two pedals to fake you out.

I have been following this sedan build on the HAMB and it came out perfect. If you want to build a Deuce on a budget and still have a fun car to drive you should use this build as a guide. I love the blue primer.

Here is your classic 327, double hump heads, SBC installed in the Deuce sedan. This was every teenager’s dream in the 1960s

When I moved to LA in the 80’s this became my dream. I could haul my family to the beach and have a fun day on the sand. You could purchase projects like this one for under $10 grand. They are still out there keep watching Craigslist.

Another Craigslist find is this 46 delivery in Kansas. My sunshine was identical to this one when I purchased it. They make great swap meet vehicles. There is a ton of room in the rear storage area.

Walt’s new highboy has a very nice Gabe’s interior but the leg room is very limited. He has an automatic so pushing the clutch in is not a problem. I think everyone should have one of these in their garage so they can be reminded of how nice the room in a 40 is compared to the tiny cockpit of the roadster. That is a real Auburn dash and gauges.

If you really want some comfort then try one of these 46-48 fat girls. This one from BC was really nice and straight.

Today’s Woody Pampering!

P-Town has the set up for Woodies. The overhead suspended roof made the wooden car feel right at home. Maybe next year they can add some sand and water to make them feel even better.

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