Thursday’s Thoughts

I am headed to the Bay area tomorrow so I will be short tonight. I spent the whole day putting together the freshly painted front suspension for Andre. Working with painted parts requires more patience than powder coated parts. The hardened paint is not near as hard and will chip if you are not real careful. I have not had any problems so far but I am really cautious around holes and corners. The paint builds up if you don’t tape them up and wants to chip when you slid in the kingpins or perch pins. I quite after I found out the Wilwood backing plates I have do not include the correct lower steering arms bolts. I will call Donnie tomorrow and have him bring some home.

Dave sent along some photos of the West Coast Kustom show over the weekend and I will share them with you tonight.

Stay Tooned!


John changed the front tires on his roadster to gain a little more rake. I like it.

You don’t often see a 40 coupe made into a custom but Dan is doing a great job on this one.

The rear view shows the extensive metal work that has been done so far. Note tail lights.

More Mercury’s were made into customs than 40 coupes and they sure look good.

Here is a clone of a famous custom from the 50’s. Larry could paint better than most and while not popular today is still reminds me of my youth.

I liked this 34 with a great looking chop. The small headlights were popular in my youth.

A well chopped Mercury was really slammed on the ground via air bags. We used to heat the coils and springs to get them low. The driveshaft would hit the floorboards when loaded for a trip to the drive-in.

This would have been a high end ride at Decatur high school. Basically stock with a chopped top. The small Appletons were not in style in my day. Nice patina ride.

A very nice model A hiboy looked fresh and was a a close example of the style so popular with the early hot rodder in LA.

Dave has a love for these engines and always takes a second look. Note the carburetors.

Here is another style with a cool set of lights and heavy chop.

Today’s Favorite!

I still have a great love for the model 40 hiboy roadsters. Note the cycle fenders (required by law) on this cutie pie. How about that top?

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