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The world lost a great talent when Boyd Coddington passed away yesterday. I have known Boyd for over 30 years and worked on many GM projects with him when I was a dealer. Boyd, always controversial, but always original, taught me a great deal about marketing and promotion. His ideas were always ahead of the curve. He truly had a vision that attracted people world wide and brought him fame and fortune at an early age. While sometimes abrasive, Boyd had a big heart and would do a lot for people without them asking. He never knew that something couldn’t be done. He simply did it. The loss is a big one, but I am sure he will be remembered as a great contributor to the Hot Rod/Street Rod world. I know he will be busy smoothing out the pearly gates when he arrives.

Have a good ride Boyd, I will miss you.

Stay Tooned!



Boyd’s latest traditional hiboy for Scotty Gray and the American Hot Rod TV show. I went to the open house for the car’s debut.

Dearborn Deuce influenced by Boyd’s smooth look. Not my style, but preferred by many.


Rolling Bones 5 window a trend that is growing every day. This is the era I grew up in. Cut them up. Boyd cut them up but to his style not anyone else’s.


I love this 34 hiboy currently on ebay. I like this style as this is the one you had when you were in high school. Primer was done and only the rich boys had the paint.


I know stock doesn’t belong on this blog, but this 3 window on ebay has a certain look that I like. I think Jerry in Seattle would like this one. Maybe a 3/8 x 3/8 flatty!


Don’t forget the 4 door hiboy. This car is practical and not a high dollar construction cost. Do it yourself and enjoy. Look at the 4 doors for sale. Cheap by comparison. A Brookville is still the cheapest if you are into being cheap. Yes!


When a Deuce or Forty won’t do. A 36 3 window. Bob in Washington knows how to build them right.



Deuce Hoods

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