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I keep CNBC on all day in my garage to keep track of the business/financial world and my $100 401K.  If you follow the market then you know it has been very volatile this year.  Today is an all time monthly gain for the stock market which may only last a day as Friday is a big sell day for brokers and investors.  I relate this volatility to the prices of Deuce and Forties which is my new focus for the remainder of the year.  I follow the market closely and see the prices for average cars falling each month.  I then hear of a substantial price paid for a special Deuce ($135K) or an extremely nice 40 coupe being sold for $85K.  The consumer sets the market for these desirable hot rods and people with money invest in them for numerous reasons. Usually they do so, not to make a profit like the stock market, but rather for the pure passion for owning a nice hot rod of their dreams.  I am not sure a few high priced cars dictate the market but to the owners they feel good about the stories of their specific brand of car selling for big bucks.  Most realize that they do not own Apple stock when it comes to value but at least they can feel good about the car they purchased.

Next year the Deuce turns 80 years old and the hype will begin all over with the celebrations being planned across the country.  My bucket list still has the driving to an event in 2012 in a Deuce of some kind.  Steve will go with me if I find one soon. He has the same passion as I do about Deuces and Forties.  If you are a Deuce owner you know the feeling of being one of selected few to drive America’s favorite Hot Rod.  It doesn’t matter that the roadsters are small in comparison to many cars because you feel really cool driving down the I-5 and having everyone giving you the thumbs up as you fly by. You may not get the same signal when you drive a 40 unless it is a Woody.  Age has no bearing on the acceptance of the Deuce’s and Forties as people both young and old appreciate seeing these most recognizable Hot Rods on the highway.  I will close now and go back out in the garage and work on Andre.

Stay Tooned!


1932 Fords

I favor black on black cars and this current build is from the east coast.  Flathead powered with artillery wheels and Bop Top give it todays flavor.

Even in stock form a Deuce 3 window will draw a crowd.  Have you seen many stockers as nice as this one?

The 5 window has really come on strong in the past few years.  I have always loved the 5 window as a hiboy better than a 3 window hiboy.

Today the lowly sedan has grown in popularity and commands a big price for a nicely done resto-rod.  I used to hunt the Kelsey bent spoke wheels for my Deuces in the 70’s.

The Deuce phaeton is seldom seen today and I don’t know why other than they are difficult to find in steel.  Age, wind, and inclement weather may be a factor also. Gary has had this one since the 80’s and it will be in the Driven Deuce display at the GNRS this year.

1940 Fords

The most popular 1940 Ford is the 5 window coupe with everything left alone on the outside.  How can you argue that this isn’t one of Henry’s best designs.


A rag top is among my favorite forties.  I favor the maroon over any other color but the CMG one of Tim’s is high on my list also.  I can live with Halibrands for a short period of time.

If you want to receive thumbs up on the highway then this is the forty for you.  The late Vern Williams built this one years ago and drove the wheels off it. Eddie Martinez did the tuck and roll in orange and white.  Vern liked showy colors.

Of course, you know I love the sedan deliveries and this black one is a solid example of a stock looking delivery.  Wheels are the American Salt Flat style which are a descendent of the early Halibrand Kidney wheels SO-CAL has made so popular.

Even the most expensive of the forty Ford line up needs a tune up once in a while.  This is the standard model woody which some folks say they didn’t build.  Walt and I learned that they didn’t build a 38 standard woody last weekend.

Today’s Pair….dreaming!


Coupes will always be a favorite of mine and the Deuce 5 window is being flanked by two very nice Forty 5 window coupes.  The difference comes in the ride and handling department between the two years as well as interior room for long hauls.  Bob O tells me you can fit a 5 window in the trunk of a forty coupe.








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