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I have been busy mounting the steering box in Andre for the last two days.  I always like to know exactly how I am going to do something before I actually do it. Mounting the 525 box with the P&J bracket was a snap since I had drilled the rivets out a couple of weeks ago.  Once the box was mounted I could see I needed to do some more planning.  I have the box with the long shaft not the short one which means I had to shorten the 40 column another 1 1/2 inches so the u-joint would fit properly.  Bob and I made some new bushings yesterday so I was ready to move ahead with the project.  I went over to Frantic’s this morning and talked to him about welding u-joints to the steering shaft and was surprised to hear he does it all the time.  I worked at GM in engineering for several years and we were taught never to weld on a steering component, especially the joint where the needle bearings are located. Fred assured me it was O.K. and Tim sent me photos of how he does it so I did my research.  I headed for the parts to store to pickup the new joint I needed and they talked me into using my first idea of the DD shaft with the set screws.  Sometimes I have a hard time unlearning what I have been taught over the years.  Such is life.

I have everything back in the car and measured for the final cut on the shaft.  I realize that if I make a mistake I will have to purchase another shaft from Glenwood Marine in Gardena.  I used a steel 1/2 inch rod for the mock up and transferred the measurement to the 40 shaft so I should be good to go.  I hope the horn buttons are done tomorrow so I can pick them up from the Limeworks.  I think I would order the new 525 box with the short shaft the next time.

The Hot Rod Reunion tomorrow in Bakersfield and the Run to the Sun is in Lake Havasu this weekend.  I will be in Dana Point at the Woody event.  Lots of photos on Monday.

Stay Tooned!


Here is how the box looks mocked up for the trial run.  Note the steering column and shaft are too long for this box.  The exhaust manifold will work but is very tight.


Once the shaft was removed I could determine how much I have to remove from the column to make the u-joint clear. As mentioned the short shaft would work better with the stock column.  I used a Chevy van column in my last delivery and the long shaft worked perfect with a rag joint.

Here is the shortened column with the shaft mounted.  It is a direct line up with the box but I still use the u-joint for safety and no binding.  The shaft will be shortened tomorrow to fit the new joint.

Bob and I made these new Delrin bushings for the column.  The shaft is nice a firm with no wobble or play in the wheel.  I need a lathe for Christmas.

In the final assembly the bushing will be pushed into the column with a .0o3 press fit.  I place a collar underneath the bushing so it can’t slide down the tube.  Works great.

If you don’t know what this is then you have never put together a 40 dash.  This is the dash support that keeps the column in place and really helps support the load of the column.  Most are missing from cars when you purchase them and I don’t know who makes a repo.  Maybe Drake?

While I was waiting for some parts to dry I tried the stock battery box and you can see it hits the exhaust manifold.  I would have to narrow it to work but I think I will move it to under the fender well like Tim and Gary do.  I would like it in the engine compartment where it belongs so I can see what is going on without crawling around on the ground in my good shorts.

The battery in a stock 40 is also very close to the heads but it works and easy to reach for us older folks.  Isn’t this a nice set up in a forty coupe?

My delivery has a lot of space but a 40 coupe has a huge trunk also and allows a large beverage carrier for the day’s activities. Please install the safety pins in those trunk hinges as a falling 40 trunk lid can do some serious damage to your head.

Today’s Deuce roadster….dreaming!


Bob has a stable full of nice Deuces and Forties but this Brizio built hiboy is one of my favorite.




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