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I know that somedays you need to plan in advance, gather the parts and when the day arrives stay focused on the project.  I have been postponing the installation of the “DEI Starter Wrap” for over a week and decided with the upcoming trip to Dana Point I should install it today.  I knew it would be hot but with Lucy gone I have lots of space to do the work in my garage which keeps the HOA happy.  The tempatures were near 100 degrees but I was focused on the project and completed in by noon.

I tool Ruby for a test drive in the high heat and stopped and started several times without any problems.  I think she is ready for the trip but I still need to go over the front suspension and check all the nuts and bolts for tightness.  I sure don’t want to come home on the back of the flatbed anymore.  Monthly maintenance is required on your hot rod if you drive them a lot.  If you don’t drive them then plan on a 3 month inspection for leaky seals.  The longer they sit the more prone the seals are to leaking.  They dry out and become hard and allow the fluids to seep out.

I was reading my SEMA brochure that came in the mail today and told the wife I think we should go for a couple of days and see what is new.  I attended the SEMA show for over 25 years as a participant and enjoyed each show.  The economy has cut down on the size of the show but there is still plenty of vendors and cars to see.  The wife likes the slots and she can keep busy with a $100 for at least a couple of hours.  If she wins she doesn’t want to come home.  That very seldom happens.  I need to register by next Friday to obtain my credentials so I still can think about it for a few days.

I will be back on Andre next week when the new parts arrive from Pete and Jakes.

Stay tooned!


Here is the final installation photo of the starter wrap on Ruby.  I hope it works.  The shield withstands 2000 degrees. DEI is the brand I used, not cheap but neither is a new starter.

I stopped by Bob’s this morning and looked at his chassis update for the 350 auto.  He was running a 4 speed and this cleaned up the frame real nice.  No need to cut the floor with this set up.

He also moved the exhaust system up in the chassis so nothing hangs below the frame.  U-bends are the best way to go if you want the mandrel bent look.  The mufflers are Hooker.

I found this 41 sd and it was built in the 70’s and still looks fresh.  350/350 nine inch and stock front axle.  Andre will look like this with the 40 deluxe front hood and grille.

Change the wheels and you have a perfect low down 46 convert to cruise the streets of LA.  Nice ride.

Thanks to Tim ( Mr. Forty) I changed my plan for the U-joint.  I simply purchased a 3/4 x 36 x 3/4 smooth hole and mated the two together.  This works great and allows the horn wiring to come out the bottom of the joint.  More later. Thanks Tim for the tip.

The stock 40 shift arms will be modified to only use the lower one which will connect to the 350 auto.

The inside will look exactly like Henry built it.  I am not sure what color the column and dash will be but I am leaning toward the Briarwood Brown standard color which will go good with the Maroon exterior and camel interior.

I haven’t heard much from Brian but this is his photo of his driveway last winter.  I would have to move to LA.

Today’s lonely hearts club….the one that got away…..dreaming!

Don misses his 33 also.  This car was a top notch project built in the garage by Don and his friends.  The paint and detail were second to none.  Nice job Don!  What’s next….57 Chevy!


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