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My friend Bob, no not that one, was sad today as he sold his coupe of twenty plus years to one of our gang.  I have never held on to a car for more than a couple of years so I don’t know the feeling one must be going through as the car disappears out the driveway and on down the road.  Bob had put 14 years of money and labor into the little coupe and never did drive it much but he could always go in the garage and reminisce about the journey he had during that timeframe.  I am sure the love affair will pass but you know you never forget your first love.  He is well on his way with his new sedan project and the bodies should be switched by Monday.  He had the coupe sold prior to me leaving on Friday, but the deal fell through so if you are looking for a 40 coupe project let me know and I will put you in touch with him.

I spent all day working on Lucy.  The wife helped me install the hood and grille and she looks like a car again.  Installing a hood on the 33 is not a big chore but is much easier with two people.  It lines up pretty good but could stand some massaging around the cowl area.  I think I am going to have to trim the passenger side to fit and maintain the correct 3/16 gap.  I hate to cut the good hood but I don’t see any other way at the moment.  I also installed the shift linkage from the transmission to the lever on the 40 column.  I am liking the column shifter a whole lot versus the floor shifter I originally installed.  I can recall taking out all column shifts in my high school days and installing the floor shift with the skeleton head shifter knob.  Bob O likes those.

I received a lot of requests to list some cars that are for sale so I will devote one day to some really nice hot rods that are for sale.  The season, while not over, is close to ending for the year and many people are looking to off their hot rods and start looking for a new one.  I think that is the way is has always been.  Just as you trade your old family car in on a new one every so often the desire for a new Hot Rod ride is in most of us this time of year.  I am keeping what I have and will try to stay focused until the next pretty girl comes along.

Stay Tooned!


Bob said goodbye to his long time companion today and Vic is driving down the highway is his new ride for the winter months.

Bob is also parting with my old 40 coupe that he has in his large garage.  This is a project car but very solid and no rust.

I have seen this sedan a few times and the build is first cabin.  I am sure the car goes down the highway like a late model sedan.

Sand likes Sportsman’s and shot this photo at the Pasadena car show last Sunday.  I am guessing it is a stocker judging by the height  of the car.  The Deuce next door is the HHR beauty.

If you didn’t call the owner you lost out on this one.  The was on epay and sold immediately.  You don’t see many model 40 real roadsters for sale.

My long time friend Andy from Atlanta sent along some photos of his new sedan.  He just completed the car minus the interior and drove it to Pigeon Forge for a fabulous week in the mountains.

The stance is important on a sedan and he has nailed it on this one.  The color is Vineyard Green from an early Ford.

I am a whitewall fan on 40 Ford sedans.  The car was a very solid car to begin with and being a paint and body man Andy made even better.

A GM crate motor painted body color with the VA Front Runner system real provides all the luxuries a man could want in a Hot Rod.

Today’s model 40….dreaming!

Sitting in the corner of the big grassy lawn at the Outriders was this cute little 34 hiboy coupe.  I had never seen this one so I looked at it for quite a long time and was really impressed with the overall theme and quality of the build.







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