Thursday’s Thoughts

The big heat is on in LA and I stayed out in the garage as long as I could stand it and then came in to the cool house.  I revisited the fuel line on Lucy and decided to make another one using the correct 3/8″ bender.  Bob has every tool you could want so I borrowed his Imperial Eastman bender and made up a new line.  I always like things to look like they belong on the engine not just tacked on.  I made a few wrong bends but I ended up with a nice factory looking fuel line that should work good.  Having the correct tools makes the job much easier.  I even made a blueprint so I could duplicate one for Andre.  I much prefer the stock fuel pump over the electric unit.  I hate the noise of most electric fuel pumps.

I heard from several of you about your hard hot start problems and I appreciate your suggestions.  Gary asked if I had checked the timing and no I haven’t but will do so tomorrow morning.  I have the new cable but need to remove the old ones to use for patterns.  It is supposed to be cooler this weekend and I can put it up on Bob O’s rack.  If you look up making battery cables on the net you will find several good YouTube videos showing you different methods.  My electrician friends have all the tools so I should be able to duplicate the heavier gauge cables easily.

The Harbor Run is Sunday which is always a nice place to relax by the water and see some beautiful cars.  The grounds fill up quick so you need to arrive early.

Stay Tooned!


We had a lot of discussion about what do you like to drive for a distance of over a 200 miles.  This flathead powered Deuce is really nice but is this the one for you?

I have seen this one all over the roads in CA and he loves driving long distances in his cool ride.

Here is another one that gets around the country without much hesitation.  Looks to be a SBC under the hood for smooth sailing.

O.K., so I like black 5 window coupes like this one.  Clean and very comfortable for the long haul to the Bay Area.

I have fell in love with this one more times than I can remember but I don’t know about the Hemi as power and long drives.  Parts availability may be a problem in case of a break down.  Call AAA.

Yes, I know, no flash, very large, comfortable and cheap to own.  Could this be Bob O’s new ride.  He would approve of the A sticker.

If you want more flash and comfort then slid your body into a nice sedan for the long haul.  This is the late Vern Williams sedan.

Maybe you prefer the standard front end on your tudor.  This is a very nice ride from the beach area.

Less flash but high in quality this sedan is sure to provide comfortable cruising for many miles.

Today’s Top Choice….dreaming!

Larry built him a super coupe to drive back and forth from Phoenix to LA whenever he feels like it.  Here here is at the Outriders Picnic last year.

I am going to copy his interior for Andre.  Plain and simple is sure outstanding to me.

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