Thursday’s Thoughts

After installing the new U-joints in Ruby yesterday I am taking it easier today.  I thought I would finish welding Lucy’s top structure and since it was a cooler day I could leave the doors closed.  I was doing just fine until I realized that I was about out of Argon and I needed to stop and pickup a new bottle before the weekend.  I only use about two bottles a year but I always seem to run out on the weekend or when I need it most.  Bob O wants to finish welding his Deuce chassis so I am now ready to help him.

While I was at the welding store I inquired about the welding cable they sell to use for a rear mounted battery.  They recommended a number 1 or 2 for anything over 10 feet.  I don’t have that much to run but Lucy and Ruby have rear mounted batteries and need to have some cable capable of 200 amps.  I chose the number 1 which is an overkill but at least it should carry the load when hot.  Ruby has a number 4 gauge wire now and that is too small for the distance it has to travel.

The Labor Day Weekend is full of car activities and I don’t plan to attend anything this year due to previous engagements.  The Great Labor Day Cruise in Orange County has always been one of my must attends but lately it has not attracted the type of cars I like.  The Primer Nationals in Ventura is also another event that attracts lots of retro cars but Ruby doesn’t fit in with the other cars.  We have house guests for the weekend and that will keep me busy.

If you read the HAMB then I hope you are following the Eastwood & Barakat sedan build.  They just posted a video on Youtube that shows Pete chopping the top on the sedan.  He is an outstanding craftsman and I can’t wait to see the car in person.  He makes it look easy but I don’t think I would chop one myself unless I have someone like him to assist.  Check out Youtube under Eastwood & Barakat.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend and take the Hot Rod for a ride.

Stay Tooned!


Yes, the car has been channelled and retained the fenders.  A famous car in the NW.

Another RB creation that thrives on the salt.  Nothing fancy for these guys who drive them across the US every year.

You don’t see many 34 hiboy sedans but Fenders don’t go well with the salt.  Too much cleaning afterwards.

Early in the morning at the Rose Bowl where the PRC was holding their first run of the year.  This is the real deal car and I have not seen it around in several years.

Chopping the 34 tudor is a lot more work than the Deuce sedan.  The rear side window reveals don’t want to make a smooth transition. Kevin made the change by cutting the roof line above the window.

Here is a photo of our Lunch Bunch from a couple of years ago.  We head out to the hills for some good home cooking.

I can’t wait to see what Pete does with the side windows in his sedan.  Note the lines for the set back of the rear window.

I know you are not supposed to like FG cars but this one really looks good to me.

There is no need to hunt for Lincoln brakes anymore you can buy brand new ones and drill them yourself.  You can even purchase the water rings to weld on them if you want the true look of the Lincoln brakes.  (front and rear)

Today’s driveway chop….dreaming!

There is no turning back now.  You could have a tudor phaeton or put the top back on and…..

Have a really nice chopped sedan.  I bet he chopped this car in his driveway somewhere in Chicago.  Study the profile…it is perfect in my eyes.

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