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Today has been busy for me so far.  Bob called and wanted to talk to me about his roadster so I met him at the “Office” for a brief meeting.  He has been having difficulty getting some of his parts repainted where they rubbed through the paint. One area was on the louvers in the trunk.  He has been told that the single stage paint can’t be spotted and they will have to shoot the entire fender and trunk lid, wait three weeks and then rub it out all over again.  Now for the louvers, that is a real time consuming job that he doesn’t want to go through again.  I made a quick call to my painter friend and he said you can touch it up without repainting the entire piece but you need to know what your’e doing.  Spotting the new paint is not as easy as the old enamel and lacquer jobs we used to paint.  Sometimes more technology is not good for some of us.  We are a 100 % water based paint and so far I have not heard of any problems from my painter friends other than they had to purchase some new equipment which drives the cost of the paint job even higher than in the past.  Our consensus was to spot it the best you can and finished the assembly and start driving the car. Perfection has its price and most of us are not willing to pay for it.

I bent up my fuel lines from the fuel pump to the gas tank and ran into a small problem with the flexible hose that connects the line to the fuel pump.  I have the correct orientation on the pump inlet but the fuel line needed to have 180 degree bend in order for it to look and function properly.  My bender for 3/8 tubing does not bend past 90 degrees so I had to make two bends.  The end result is that I am not happy with the bend as it kinked a little in the process.  I will use it for now but I am thinking about buying a bender that will do 180 degrees.  A man can’t have too many tools.

Have a great day!

Stay Tooned!


Unique color on the 34 sedan looked good for something different than black.  Maybe some yellow steelies would look good also.

Henry had his sedan in Custom Auto’s shop getting treatment for a condition known as “Stockitis”.  It looks like they were successful in curing the condition.

Here is the finished product stopped on the road for a quick photo and back stretch.

This photo shows the Sanderson headers for a 40 Ford using CE mounts.  A 525 steering box can be seen right beneath the headers. The header pipe routing is still tight with this set up.

Chris in Spokane has a good start on a 34 roadster.  We need to save all of these we can.

Dave has his share of early Fords but this little coupe really caught my attention.

He also has another of my favorite cars in his collection.  The 46 rag has a good stance and sure looks good with the top down.

Here is one from last years event.  These guys drive their cars from coast to coast each year.  Looks like fun to me.

Here is my fuel pump problem.  I need to bend a new piece or use a 180 degree fitting to make a cleaner looking connection.  I will fix this later today with a trip to Orme Bros.

Dave Lane does some of the best work in the business.  The panhard bar bracket is an example of his talent as are the exhaust pipes.

Today’s Bonneville cars…dreaming!

Here is a great photo of the Spencer car and the clone of David Gale’s when they first met up for the event.  Dave was an excellent craftsman also and started Just A Hobby frame rail company before Lobeck purchased them.

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