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I don’t know about your habits, but after a long day in the garage I usually relax in my easy chair and read the latest magazine to arrive in the mail.  Yesterday I received my last issue of R&C and thought I would look it over as the cover had two super looking Deuce 5 window coupes on the cover.  I recognized the full fendered one but I did not know the hiboy version.  It seems Pat Swanson in WA put together this winner utilizing an inline six for motivation.  The unchopped version is uncommon on a hiboy but this one looks good to me.  He selected the period parts that make this car a true hot rod.  Good Job Pat!  I would love some photos if anyone has some.

My weekend will be filled with company and very little car activity will take place at Pewsplace.  Next week, I hope to have a special story about selling a hot rod to an Aussie customer which would include a trip to the port and the required arrangements for completing the transaction.  I have never been involved in the process and I am looking forward to the experience.

Have a great weekend and relax in you hot rod.

Stay Tooned!


This is a real Deuce delivery according to the owner.  The car is an older build but is very nicely done and still looks good.  I don’t think I could chop a real deal but this one is hammered 3 inches.

I found this one on Roy’s site and it appears to be a 1940 standard which is a rare bird.  It also looks like an axle car which would really be nice for this classic.

I know this will bring back memories of your youth.  Frank has this car now and will challenge all comers in TO.

I shot this one at JCP last month.  AG cars are being built by some younger guys today and that is a good sign that the flame is still burning.  Keep it hot baby!

How about an early FI unit for that clone black widow you are building?  These units are very price but when Prince is done with the rebuild they work very nice on the street.  I can actually remember taking one of these units off and replacing it with the dual carb version.

If you want a little different look try doing the “Banger” engine in your Deuce.  This set up will cost you a lot more than the SBC.

I have been accused of only showing hiboy sedans so here is a fendered version for you guys and gals.  Note chop, louvers and 25 louver hood.

If you don’t want the noise, the 9 inch looks good also and will save you some money.  Washington blue is the new Red of the 80’s.

Roy selected a real dark blue for this 36 coupe and complimented it with a maroon interior and wheels.  Very nice ride.

Today’s Rear End…..David’s got the look.

David and his dad have captured the look that makes me get down on my knees and have a closer look.  Lobeck knows the look and built this one for David and Larry.

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