Thursday’s Thoughts

I had a good day in the garage today.  The weather was cool, overcast and perfect for working on Lucy.  After obtaining all the parts yesterday, today went smoothly.  I used Walt’s engine pivot plate to remove the engine from the stand so I could install the flexplate.  Jane helped me by holding the flexplate while I was torquing the bolts to the required 60 pounds.  I now have the engine on the ground ready for the transmission and converter installation tomorrow.  I may make it this week as scheduled if I don’t encounter any problems.  I am have having fun and that’s what is important to me.

I have heard of several cars selling over the past week and that is good news in this economy.  Sometimes you sell because you don’t drive them or you just want something else that has caught your eye.  Good deals are still available if you look hard enough.  Being a retired car dealer, I still search the sites almost every night to see what is out there and the prize points being offered.  Some 40 coupes are really nice for a fair price.  Deuces tend to always be in the high end of the spectrum and I have not seen or heard of any good deals lately.  I heard that Deuce sedans are going to go down in price soon!  I am a dreamer you know.  I may go to Pomona and see what the market is like after the LARS.

I will make a road trip to Pasadena tomorrow to see my friend Bob.  He likes the BBQ and beans at a new restaurant he located which sounds good to me right now. He always has some car dealer stories to share with me and that makes my day.

Stay Tooned!


Dave has a house full of cars and has people stopping by all the time.  His friend brought over his stock 34 truck which fits into this week’s truck feature.  The cab is still small but the 112 inch wheelbase makes the ride better.  Tacoma wire wheels look great with the black fenders and light color body.

George took a different route with his 34 pickup.  He sure likes commercial hot rods and builds some of the best out there.  I wonder what he does with all of his cars?

Dave loves 40 converts and this one looks like a winner to me.  Forties look good with whitewall tires.  I also think a 40 convert looks better with the top down.  These cars are perfectly designed in my opinion.

Dave is a true custom guy and shot this modified 40 recently.  The top looks like a Carson but I can’t tell for sure.  Desoto bumpers, skirts and Appletons really date this one.

Larry, of Hot Wheels fame, has his 33 sedan on the market.  This is a tried and true hot rod and would make someone a nice ride this summer.

Here is a different style of the model 40 with a heavy chop and unique color. Remember, the 112 inch wheelbase really adds to the overall ride characteristics of the 34 Ford sedan.

Bob O was shinning his super 40 coupe today and as always I drooled while observing the activity.

The 80th Deuce celebration is not far away and John needs to get this one in the show.  I think this is one of the better restorations in recent years.  The car was completed in SO-CAL but came from MI.  Potvin Cams raced this beauty according to paperwork received with the car.  I particularly like the maroon and tan interior combination selected for the restoration.

Today’s Tool….thanks Walt!

The Pivot Plate really is compact and tilts the engine up to 35 degrees for those tight engine compartments.  Don’t worry about the aluminum manifold stripping out with the weight of the engine.  The unit has been tested using 4 – 5/16 grade 8 bolts and it will support 1500 pounds.  The site is

You simply hook you hoist (cherry picker) into the the cross bolt and start lifting.  No more chains and long rods to deal with when using this compact plate.

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