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I spent yesterday afternoon trying to fit Andre with his new rear bumper.  I picked the bumper up from Neal at the LARS but have not have time to see if it fits.  Looks can be deceiving when searching for the correct bumper for a sedan delivery.  The bumper is flattened in the middle and the hole spacing for the bumper brackets is different from a passenger car.  I have had people tell me the bumper is the same as a pickup bumper but I was never sure about that.  The concept makes sense as you need to be closer to the pickup bed to extract items the same as you would for a delivery.  The Green book talks about commercial bumpers for the sedan delivery and pickup so maybe they are the same.  I decided to see what the difference was since I have both passenger car and commercial rear bumpers and irons.  My neighbor has a nice delivery with the correct bumper and irons so I have a good reference to guide me.  Bob Drake’s new catalog has the pickup bumper dimensions listed but does not mention the sedan delivery.  My thought was that I would show you what I have and see if anyone has a different point of view.  It doesn’t make a big difference but I like the looks of the flat one.

I also worked on the motor for Lucy yesterday and hopefully can finally install the black beauty and advance one step closer to being able to drive her. She has been sitting for about a year or so and if I don’t do something soon my wife is going to give it away.  Too many projects and not enough time can be frustrating at times.  I have had Lucy about 7 years and somehow never seem to keep focused long enough to finish her.  I am not getting any younger so I better get going or I will be too old to drive the car.

The big Fourth of July weekend is coming up and as usual lots of car activities are taking place for car enthusiasts.  The wife and I will hang around the house and enjoy the sunshine and maybe take in a few of the events.

Stay Tooned!


Note:  You can click on the photos and they will enlarge.

The rear 40-41 Ford sedan delivery rear bumper measures 29 inches between the center bumper bolt holes.  A passenger car measures 25 inches or 4 inches shorter.

The distance between the outer and inner bumper bolt holes measures 13 inches as opposed to 15 inches on the passenger car bumper.

The bumper braces are also different and measure 16 inches from the bumper to the frame which are 1 1/2 inches shorter than the passenger car irons.

The bumper bolt holes are 13 inches apart on the sedan delivery irons which is 2 inches shorter than the passenger car models.  You can use either bumper but you must have the correct irons for the bumper spacing.  Bob Drake confirms these dimensions but does not mention sedan delivery.  My question is “Is there another set of irons and bumper for a sedan delivery?”  I don’t think so but I am not sure.

The free arch in the sedan delivery bumper I have is 6 inches in the middle.  Is there a flatter one lets say 5 inches or so?

The stock (Drake) bumper arch measures 7 inches in the center as show here.

The “Back to the Fifty’s” MN Father’s Day car show was a big success and long time friend Jerry Johnson and Faith Granger were on hand to greet all the people who attended.  Jerry is the number 1 founding member of the MSRA and Faith is the producer of the number one recent Deuce Movie entitled “Deuce of Spades”.  That is Jerry’s smile!  Faith is always smiling after her successful movie debut.

Gary is also smiling after helping produce one of the largest hot rod shows in the country.  Faith is from Burbank, CA and has not had a windshield on her roadster since the movie.  I guess that is why she wears those big glasses.

Gary has several cars but these two were present in this photo.  He loves black and CMG cars.  So do I!

From the LARS …this axle ends the discussion on “Cast vs. Forged”.  The article states Ford did this for the Worlds Fair exhibit and the axle was bent cold.

Today’s Cruse night photo of the month….not dreaming!

You need to watch were you park at your local cruise night.  The Lexus driver jumper the curb and pushed the mint GTO over one whole space and bounced off the 40 convert.  The owner of the convert called me looking for 4 new fenders.

The Pontiac was totaled and the 40 had serious damage but could be repaired.  How does this happen?

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