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I have a lot of photos from the LARS and will post them over the next few weeks.  I would also like to comment on the Back to Fifties show held in MN the same weekend. Jerry indicated that the show had 11,731 entries which is just 64 shy of the record.  The attendance was also very good despite the economy and rain.  It seems that hot rodder’s are back doing what they love to do and that is a welcome sign in these difficult times.  I am looking forward for a good turnout at the Forty Ford show on Sunday.

I have the starter off Ruby and will have it tested today to make sure it is not at fault.  I had to order a new positive cable and should have it by tomorrow.  I am not going to take any chances with the starting system.  I want the system to be working properly prior to heading Orange County this Sunday.

Woodies on the Wharf is this Saturday in Santa Cruz and always attracts over 100 woodies.  The weather is normally a little overcast and is perfect for the event.  I should have some photos to share with you on Monday.  Maybe next year I will attend this show with my wife.  I hear good things about the venue and activities that are available in the area.  Jane will want to stop in Monterey for some shopping and sight seeing.  Remember a “Happy Wife is a Happy Life”.

I off to Malibu this morning to see some old friends and perhaps a Woody or two.

Stay Tooned!


The vendor outdoor area had some non roadster cars like this slick 40 coupe with an LS motor under the hood.  HR&H builds some very high end cars.

HR&H also had a nice 40 woody in their display.  I normally don’t like a Woodgrain dash but this one looked pretty good to me.

I was taking a break and was sitting right across from this old time roadster.  You always see several of this style at the LARS.

Dick had his Deuce cabriolet parked on the road to the swap meet.  A slight chop enhances the car immensely.

Sid had his green and black roadster parked next to his “Bop Top” booth.  The black frame looks good with the green body and black wheels.  He purchased this car and changed it to fit his style.  Nice ride!

I stumbled across these two beauties while roaming the vast roadster parking area.  Judy’s 1985 AMBR (Boyd built) and John’s (Moal built) Deuce were parked in the Brizio area.

The young guns were having fun driving this cool 34 hiboy roadster.  A participant in the PRC and a classic designed roadster for the road make for lots of fun.  The body is channelled over the frame.

Yosemite green is a stock 40 Ford color but is seldom seen today.  The little coupe really had a great stance, louvered hood and flathead motor.

Alan builds top of the line Deuces and this five window is one of them.  He has the stance down to a science as well as the top insert.  He was also displaying his “Perfection Parts” line of traditional parts.

Alan’s shop also builds a really nice 3 window coupe with his “Perfection Parts” and one off louvered hood top panels.  His roadster is in the background.

Today’s Deuce….Dreaming!

Craig drove his Allgood built vicky to LA from the Bay Area for all to admire.  I seem to be seeing more sedan and vicky Deuces than I remember.  Mature drivers like the comforts of a closed Deuce.

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