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Here comes the sun!  Yes, we once again have a great weekend coming and lots of activities for us car guys.  The Doheny Beach Woody show is Saturday and always is a fun place to go.  We used to live in Dana Point and have a lot of old friends to see on our way home.  The Forties Limited are having their Spring Fling in Santa Maria and I hope Steve takes lots of pictures.  If you love Forty Fords this is the club to join.  They have a lot of activities and a monthly on line newsletter entitled the “Script”.  They have over a hundred members so there is always something going one.  I think a man should have a Deuce, a Forty and a Woody to be a complete person in Southern California.  We used to have an annual Deuce Day in the LA area but I have not attended one in many years.  I think Andy still holds a Deuce Day the weekend prior to the GG’s in P-Town but I am not sure.  I used to drive to the Bay Area to attend this event all the time when they were in Novato.  I never tire of the three brands and will continue to support all of the functions they have.  You don’t have to own a car to have a good time, but it helps.  I always enjoy looking at the cars and meeting with the people.  I have made some lifetime friends at these events.

I have not talked about the price of gas and how it is affecting these events but I am sure many people will be selective which events to attend and which ones to pass on.  Gas in CA is the highest in the nation and here locally it is running about $4.25 per gallon on an average.  That is up more than a dollar from a year ago but still behind the $4.68 high we reached in 2008.  My late friend, Joe Mayall, and I used to discuss this subject at length and always come to the conclusion.  If you only drive 2500 miles a year all you have to do to keep your budget the same if forget the $4.50 latte you have everyday at Starbucks or the $10 bucket of popcorn at the movies.  I guess that still makes sense but some folks who have to drive to work everyday will not break even as the monthly gas bill will exceed the wife’s budget.  I don’t believe we are going to see any relief this summer so start driving pass the coffee shop and use Netflix or Red Box for shows.  The wife can pop you some microwave popcorn that is just as tasty.  I have great solutions for most things if it means I can keep driving the hot rod.

Stay Tooned!


The wife and I would love to drive this one up to the Spring Fling.  Mine wasn’t this nice but the kids loved to go to Doheny Beach in the convert.

If you have little short legs you could drive this jewel that Ray built.  I wonder how Tom is going to fit in his new 40 pickup?  I would manage.

This deep maroon reminds me of Ruby’s color.  Sometimes a nice stocker is great to look at and wonder why we cut them up when they are perfect to begin with.  Think about it for a while but don’t let that stop you installing a dropped axle, heads and dual exhaust.

This would be my choice and my wife would agree because of the Winery tours and her love of purchasing wine.  This is a flat motor car from Oregon.

Tom may be headed to the Wine country in Napa this weekend in his slick 40 coupe.

Steve and I would be happy with this one, which by the way, made it to the LSR and back without any problems.  The gold wheels would make Frank happy.

I love maroon coupes and this is an example of the color on a forty.  Maybe I would drop it a little more in the front. .. Cut some straps for longer shackles, right Tom!

In the 60’s I would have to have real American magnesium wheels on my 40.  I had the only set in town which I purchased from an Army guy stationed in CA when he needed money.  So did I, but somehow I paid for them over time.  I eventually installed them on my 59 vette.

Vern had the first of the trio of flamed sedans and the orange Eddie Martinez interior surely caused lots of conversation and Vern loved it.  We miss you Vern.

Today’s Cruiser…..Walt’s Big Boy!

Walt has a fleet of cars but this recent acquisition really is a cool cruiser.  Black over Regency Red really stands out in the crowd.  Nice ride Walt!

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