Thursday’s Thoughts

I have been retired for over 10 years and really don’t keep in touch with old employees any more except for Max.  Max is still working selling lots of GM vehicles and stops by once in while to take me to lunch and bring me up to date on the General.  Max and I go back 40 years and even though I have not seen him in a couple of years it seemed liked we had just talked yesterday.  He stopped by to show me a new Camaro which I have been wanting for a year or so.  I rode a short distance and have now decided I don’t fit in these cars.  My head hits the top and I have a hard time exiting once in the seat.  I think Bob O’s Coupe has more room.

Max loved Ruby and he thought it was a very comfortable car for a 1947 model.  I used to take Max with me to look at forties and woodies when he worked with me.  He would always give me an opinion of whether I should purchase the car or pass.  He really gave me good advice as he was the general sales manager at my dealership.  Sometimes when wanting a certain car it is a good idea to take along a second party with no bias concerning the buying decision.  Purchasing a car in today’s economy is really a “tough love” decision.  A project is almost out of the question for the retiree on a budget.  As I have mentioned many times, the cost of goods and services will put you way over the top of the cars actual value.  Purchasing one that is drivable and needs your personal touch makes more sense to most of us.  On the other hand if you have the budget and want the car bad enough, go for it.

I have a friend who buys and sells cars and loves the hunt and the selling process.  He purchases the cars, reconditions them and advertises them nationally with good results.  I don’t do that anymore, as my 40 years in the business satisfied my hunger.  I much prefer to own and drive cars to the many events we have in the LA area.  I have a sample of my friend’s recent purchase and reconditioning of a 40 Ford coupe.  Remember once a car salesman always a car salesman.

Stay Tooned!


Some people really know what snow is all about.  I am not sure if Brian has heat in his garage, but I hope so because this little standard will make you want to go out in the garage.

I have always preferred the 5 window coupe seat done in this style  The hole in the floor must mean three pedals as the Limeworks column has no shifter.

Stance is everything on a 40 coupe.  Maybe paint the fenders in red oxide, install a rubber mat, tint the glass real dark and take off for the Roundup.  You don’t need bumpers on a coupe just a hot engine.

Here is another 40 coupe interior that looks nice.  Bob just had this installed and looks stock.

The engine compartment has been cleaned up and the firewall is very nice indicating this was/is a nice solid body.

Here is the car ready for a new home.  I love the maroon coupes as they are very different in a sea of black ones.

Dual pencil tips, YOM plate, and a perfect stance make this a very desirable 40 coupe for someone.  If interested let me know and I will connect you to the seller.

I love this top and want mine to have the same profile but with a Duvall windshield.  I hope Alan can duplicate.

SO-CAL is selling these reproduction SBC Fenton headers.  I had a set of these on my Chevrolet in the 50’s.  they sound great and have dual pipes from the manifolds back.  We use to run 4 exhaust pipes out the back but only two mufflers.  When was the last time you saw a set of these on eBay?

Today’s Woody… dreaming.

Here is a nice 40 woody and a 25 foot Garwood wooden boat out for the day.  It looks like a heavy load for the woody.

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