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Have you ever thought about maintaining your critical tools to make sure they are ready to use when you need them? I have thought about going through my welder for about 10 years and somehow it just keep going.  I mentioned that the power cable sprung a leak for the second time in 6 months and I needed to take it to the welder store and see what was causing the failure.  Tim took one look at the cable, after I complained about buying a new one all the time, and said the torch is getting too hot and what kind of corrosion resistance substance I was using.  I told him automotive anti-freeze and he stated that is the problem.  It seems the power cable in welders doesn’t like anti-freeze and only likes welder coolant @$20 a gallon.  I said O.K. , came home and per Tim’s recommendation, tore the water cooler apart. He was right it was really jammed up and corroded.  The disassembly took all afternoon and I can now make a new top plate as it is full of holes which leaks water and coolant all over the place.  The lesson here is you should keep your tools in tip top shape and you won’t have this problem.

I am tired tonight so no more BS just pictures.

Stay Tooned!


Here is a nice 33 roadster with a hemi peeking out of the louvered hood.  I kind of like the profile of the top.  Nice ride.

Kevin stopped by Dave’s house to show off his beautiful black 33 sedan.  I have never seen this one but it has a lot of curb appeal and super detail.

I think the red wires really complement the black car.  I don’t know why we don’t see more of these.  They must be straight to be black.

A sneaky roadster, back in the Midwest tree lined streets, is heading on for a cruise.  Carson style top, Cadillac engine and bias tires add to the early look.  I still like the gas tanks hanging out in the rear with pencil tips peeking out beside the 40 rear end.

This is a 60 style hiboy as opposed to the one above.  I grew up with the skinny tire front and fat tire rear crowd.  Lobeck was a heavy influence on my taste in cars.

Pinkee just freshened up this SAR full fendered 33.  A little high tech but very nice and priced reasonable for the quality of car.

Joe had a huge collection of cars that were auctioned off a couple of years ago.  This one brought $55k as I recall.  These sedans really look good as a resto-rod.

Built in Colorado this sedan delivery is a nice ride with Ford power and Tacoma Cream wires.  Again, the stance on these sedans is very important and this one is correct in my opinion.

Yes, I still would like a Deuce sedan hiboy in the driveway.  This is a new arrival at County Line and is scheduled to be a hiboy sedan.  The body looks nice in the photos…maybe about 2 1/2 inches out the top and leave the primer….YES!

Today’s GNRS show entrant?….maybe!

Bass is showing this on the HAMB as an entrant in this years GNRS.  You can read more about this build on the HAMB.  The top has the Bob-O look.

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