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I am sure all of you have a friend who seems to have a knack for locating cars. In many cases people contact them about the availability of a car. My friend Frank has the ability to locate some of the nicest cars for a relatively good deal. He sent me some photos of his latest find, a deuce roadster, that he has been searching for over the past several months. He is willing to travel to check out the car and this trip paid off with a nice fresh roadster.

My roadster is still in the garage with a freshly wiped down chassis and a red ribbon for Santa. I like to include my cars in the Christmas celebration. I am sure they are feeling left out if I don’t take all of our company out in the garage to see them. I just hope they appreciate the special feeling I have for them.

Andre was treated to an early Christmas present yesterday. Magnum Axle sent me a new dropped axle so I can finally complete the car and make it a roller. The axles have been unavailable for several months and it was nice to finally receive one. I spent the whole afternoon installing the axle in the car for the first mock up. I need to modify the spindles as they hit the steering arm and finish the wishbones for the rod ends. The weather turned cold yesterday and I quit about 6:00 pm. I know I should be installing the MII unit but I just can’t do it to Andre. He is not that bad to require surgery. I am too old to do this car again so a dropped axle will suffice for me. I can also install the steering box, drag link, tie rod and brakes when the axle installation is finished. Santa will be proud of me if I get this done prior to his arrival on Saturday.

I am off to finish my shopping today and run a few errands. I may stop by Frantic’s and give him his Christmas present. He likes cookies (sugar free, of course).

Stay Tooned!


Here is Frank’s newest addition to his stable. He has wanted a full fendered roadster for some time and what a perfect Christmas present.

The interior is a stock LaBaron Bonney kit and looks like Henry intended it to look. Auxiliary gauges keep track of the 24 stud motor to make sure the oil pressure and water temperature are keeping their respective places while driving.

The green 40 flatty looks right at home in the Deuce. Frank drove the car prior to purchasing it and was really impressed with the performance of the flat motor.

As I have mentioned several times before, the 40 pickup is a very popular truck in the hot rod world. Ray Brown built this beauty in Bend and brought it to P-Town where is found a new home at Canepa’s. Ray builds a wonderful car and has completed some very nice Deuces and Forties since retiring to Bend. CMG is the color of choice for the pickup and she wears it well.

A commercial vehicle needs a commercial style seat and this black one looks good in the otherwise austere cab.

The cab has all the modern conveniences but still retains it early style. The GM van column with a 40 wheel fits right in along with the stock standard instrument panel that has been converted to 12 volt. Nice job Ray.

The front suspension is a TCI MII type with lots of detailing. I am sure you can take this truck across country in comfort.

A TCI parallel leaf rear suspension provides the smooth ride with wide springs and air shocks for those heavy loads. Note the wrinkle finish on the inner fenders and wheel wells. This truck was meant to be driven. I like it.

Andre has received an early Christmas present from Fred and Mike at Magnum. The dropped axle has a nice smile and perfect uniform ends not seen on the old axles of the early days. I know they are cast but I have never had one break.

Here is a photo of the axle after I installed it for the mock up. I need some new perch pins as these are the originals that have seen their better days. Fordbarn must have some available.

Today’s roadster…dreaming!

Canepa also has this stunning roadster for sale. I always thought this was a very unique ride for a model 40 hiboy. The color scheme, track nose, DuVall windshield and the overall design scream “Hot Rod”.

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