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Recently, I have had a lot of conversation about 1940 Ford paint colors both exterior and interior. I use a reference published by the Early Ford V8 Club of American entitled “The 1940 Ford Book:” You can find almost everything you need to know about the restoration of a 1940 Ford in this publication. They do not show you how to install a SBC but I can explain that to you….Use all P&J, TCI or CE components and you will be home free.

The most popular color for a 1940 Ford has always been black but lately several cars have been built using the following colors very successfully: Cloud Mist Gray, Mandarin Maroon and Folkstone Gray. The interior garnish moldings were woodgrained and were different patterns for the standard and deluxe. The standard dash was painted Briarwood Brown and the Deluxe dash was two-toned using Monaida Maroon and Rose Sand metallic. All of these paints can be found in the web site. Our local paint store can no longer mix the colors due to the water base rules and the lack of propers agents to match the original formulas. I have a friend who has ordered paint through the mail but was not pleased with what he received. Keep in mind the cost of paint is very high today so make sure you have the right supplier prior to sending your money.

I would think someone would come out with the correct colors for the 1940 Fords but I am not aware of any one source other than the AutoColorLibrary. Maybe Bob Drake could become a paint supplier for his new 40 coupes.

The day is nice so I will try to do some more painting while I can…

Stay Tooned!


Monaida Maroon not Garnet Red

Bill has this nice example of the convertible in the popular maroon color with a stock brown leather interior.

Larry has this wonderful maroon 40 coupe that is a full blown street rod under that stock exterior. He drives this one all over the place.

I drove to San Diego a few months ago to look at this maroon sedan which was still nice and all original.

Cloud Mist Gray which is green not gray

Bob had this one a few years ago at the LARS and I always thought it would make a nice color on a 1940 Ford.

Girlie is my all time favorite CMG coupe. This one has had many admirers since Gary put her together a few years ago. She has a permanent home now in Sandy’s garage.

You now I favor sedans and this CMG one really looks good. “I hate old cars” just picked up a super sample to add to his collection. I am waiting for photos. There is a local one for sale for $15K with only 37,000 miles but sat outside too long for me.

Folkstone Gray almost Brown

Yes, I think they got the color wrong, but this is what happens when you don’t have the correct formula. It looks like Tucson Tan to me and I like it.

A nice rake makes this an outstanding coupe in my mind. You just keep them simple and you will have a winner every time. The subtle color is what attracts me to Folkstone Gray.

Orville can build you any color you want but he got this one right a couple of years ago. This is a go anywhere car in Folkstone Gray with a little black added.

Basic Black

Steve has a stable full of old Fords but this one is special to me as I tried to purchase it for years and he succeeded. SBC to the stock driveline and she is sooo sweet.

Bob also has owned some basic black 40 coupes and what can you say but….they really do look good in black.

Yes, the old sedans look really cool in basic black. This blown flatmotor sedan comes to all 40 Ford events and is always perfect.

Dash Colors

Here is the correct stock color for a deluxe dash. Looks great with any color. Note garnish moldings and woodgraining.

The standard is really plain but also looks good with any color. Henry kept it simple and so should we. Again, note different garnish moldings and woodgraining (lighter shade).

Today’s special 40 Ford color…

I don’t know the name of the color but I think it is a commercial color from the 30’s. I like it on a 40 pickup.

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