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Today is a beautiful, sunny, 70 degree Southern California weather perfect day. Jersey Mike’s is the place for lunch and the talk is about Shaq in Phoenix, and driving roadsters. Since we had Shaq for a few years, I will concentrate on driving roadsters. Why is it when ever a nice day comes along everyone wants a roadster? I guess it is the true Hot Rodder’s dream to cruise in a topless car. I have owned several and drove them rain or shine, cold or hot and never regretted taking the roadster instead of a closed stuffy sedan or coupe.

I have received some photos from Gary in Kansas who has purchased some sedan delivery parts. Yes, real 32 Ford sedan delivery parts. I have featured my friend George’s conversion and Poteet’s wonderful delivery by Fastlane, but this a fresh look at a very, very rare car. I still prefer 40 delivery’s but a 32 would be nice to have in the fleet.

Have a look!

Get out in the garage and up off the couch.

Stay Tooned.



Gary’s 32 sedan delivery rear door. Real Deal.


He even got the original sides in the deal.


Rear door frame all in good shape. Gary has a tudor so now he can make a real, sort of, sedan delivery.


Troy’s GNRS contender. He does drive this one. Goodguys Trendsetter award 2007.


I always liked this back East blue Deuce with a Carson Top. The top is like Ken Gross’s.


Bob’s very nice 29 with lots of history. Now has a new home and has been made even better.


Jim’s super black full fendered Deuce with all the correct parts. I never see him drive this but it sure stays nice and always looks fresh.


SO-CAL built 32 that was always my favorite until Washburns car was built. Looks good doesn’t it, SBC, 6 speed, QC, bias tires.  Pete started this deal and it has really caught on.  Coker is making more and more old tires available.  I like the look, not the ride.  Bad Back you know!  Ha!



Driving on the track. This is the greatest ride of all.

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